05 April 2012


I just got finished attending a conference. It was called, Faith And Freedom. I kind of had to attend since I only live a hundred feet away from where it was being held and I am sure that naggers would have been coming around nagging me if I decided to stay home without a very good reason.

Besides that, I can't even tell you the amount of excellent food that is put out there which for a fat guy living a hundred feet away who doesn't cook anything except hotdogs and scrambled eggs, that is a hell of a big lure.

But no matter why I was there, you can't help but learn something when you listen to some of the major nationalists in the world. Now I can truthfully say world here because one speaker was from Canada so that automatically makes it an international conference of white racialists.

Now to you haters out there, and I know some of you do read these blogs because like our big brother government I can track where my visitors come from. I only ever do it when I am so bored and I have absolutely nothing else to do but I should have no fans in L.A. Or New York City, or Chicago and especially not any in Washington D.C. Or Tel Aviv.

So just for you jackasses it was a meeting of haters and bigots and racists and homophobes and anti-Semites and Holocaust deniers. There were flags from all of our European brothers and sisters lands blowing in the wind and a huge blood drop cross flag on a fifty foot flagpole that I put up myself flying over the whole thing.

There were kids and teenagers stampeding around and I have never in my life seen a more polite, well mannered non fighting bunch of children in my life. Well, one little boy who is a year and a half old got kicked out of the Kid's Korner because he didn't want to sit by his cousin but even he was getting along with everyone else. And he still got a certificate of accomplishment for participating in the kid's program. So where is the loss?

For the grownups there was the food and the speeches and gospel singing by a well known duet and even some racialist songs by some beautiful young ladies. There was even a song or two by some special guests.

There were two little baby girls dedicated to Christ, (I think that is kind of like being christened but I'm not sure) one of them wasn't even two weeks old.

The lady who kept the food coming probably had to miss the whole thing because it has to be really tough to feed that many people three meals plus snacks every time there was a break. Some of the older girls did make some cakes which were excellent also.

I have explained all of this to you because you know how I am. I rarely, if ever have a kind word for a Negro or a Mexican or a Jew. I just don't care for them. I'm sorry, but I'm old and set in my ways and the chances of me changing are slim to none. I see no value in them for my race which is all I care about.

And I have told you time and again, in my world if you are not part of the solution you are part of the problem. It is an old Ranger edict and it is just true. It brings everything to it's most common denominator very simply. There is no way to talk around it or back pedal from it. It is like when you have to answer yes or no to a question. It brings the simple truth to the surface almost immediately and there isn't any way to go sideways and escape the right answer.

I bet when you die and try to get by St. Peter and get into Heaven, the questions will require a yes or no answer and there will be no explanations allowed or necessary. And the answers you have to give there are going to be with you for a long, long time. Especially if they were the wrong answers.

Anyway, this meeting was all about not being negative. Which in my vernacular would be winning hearts and minds. You know, some of that Special Forces gobbledy-gook. Nothing like Rangers. Whose solution would be to beat on their heads until the right thinking started coming out. Or they died. Whichever came first. Then the problem is solved once and for all. There is no backsliding once you are dead.

I enjoyed the meeting and the food. But don't expect these blogs to get kindly and upbeat because that is just not my nature. No matter how many touchy feely meetings and classes I attend my outlook is always going to be that apathy and dummyness should not be tolerated in any form. It should be kicked and beaten into oblivion. Then it will not return. Ever. So if you are looking for something upbeat and non-offensive, maybe you should go read the Ladies' Home Journal or Good Housekeeping. Because you sure as hell are never going to come across it here!


Ghostwriter71 said...

Technically, he wasn't "kicked out" of Kids Korner...he wanted to leave, so we let him. :)

Anonymous said...

I stand corrected. I'm sorry that I got it wrong.

Phalluster said...

Cheers from Brooklyn, NY!

Anonymous said...


You're not the only who feels this way.

Keep telling it like it is!

P.S. Are you familiar with "Adolf Hitler - The Greatest Story Never Told!" on JewTube?

I think you'd like it.

Whip Kracker said...

Found you through a comment on Incogman. Glad I did. Seems we think very much alike. Here's a little poem I wrote a spell back, and think you will appreciate:

The Jew Truth

The Jew is the expert at the game
of lying and cheating and pointing the blame.
Kicked from 100 countries plus
The Jew just screams, “It t’wasn’t us”
“It was not we, we have no fault
even though we hold the keys to the vault.
Not only that, we control your schools,
we treat the Goyim like nothing but fools.
We start the wars, America ends them.
U.S. is our b*t*h and maybe moresome.
We murder children with white phosphorous rain,
then cry ‘WE ARE THE VICTIMS’, again and again.
As we rape, rob and steal all that is yours,
your Constitutions and everything from shore to shores,
We con you into believing we are something special;
we even make you believe we are Gods holy vessel.
When truth be known, from Khazar we came,
and there is not a thing holy in a Jewish name.

Anonymous said...

here's my question.....with all the kkk around Arkansas and various other states according to www.splcenter.org/hatemaps , why are there so many white women in states such as Arkansas,mississippi and especially Alabama dating Mexicans? I will say this at least it aint with some dang Nigger, so maybe it's a step up. Just seems everywhere I've been lately there are a lot of young and older white women on the side of some wetback.

Christian Identity Forum said...

Dedication is a completely different kettle of fish from infant baptism, which is unscriptural. Christ was dedicated, but there is not a single instance of "christening" or a commandment relating to it anywhere in the Bible. Baptism by full immersion in water requires repentance (Acts 2:38). An infant cannot repent.