30 March 2012


I had something different for this week but after the media turned a Negro thug into Mother Theresa and not only that, they changed a Mexican into a white man! Now that is amazing. Even for them.

We only thought Jesus was wonderful when he changed water into wine. But that doesn't even hold a candle to this! I mean, turning a Negro thug into Mother Theresa is fairly excellent, but on top of that, in the same week, almost the same day... Poof! A Mexican turns white!

Oh those bless-ed Jews and their fact twisting ability. There is just no end to what they can take and turn into something else. I bet that every bag of Jew gold that you see that is made out of silk, I would almost bet that it used to be a sow's ear.

There just seems to be no end to what they are able to accomplish with their constant Jew haranguing to the gullible goyam. They got a retarded Negro elected president for crying out loud! Then, lately, they took the only man who actually wanted to do something for the United States and belittled and ignored him until he just faded from site and left three Israeli whoring war mongers in his place.

So even if the retarded Negro would loose, they still have their own puppet in the White House.

I know, some of you love Jews and hate it because I am on them all of the time. But let me explain to you for a second about what I think of these treacherous scumbags just in case you don't already know.

If I had to make a choice and either love Jews or wear the sphincter muscle of a fat retard as a crown forever, I would pick the sphincter muscle, hands down. If I had to either love Jews or swim a river of snot, get out of my way because I am diving right in. If I had to either love Jews or drink a quart of buzzard puke, all I can say is I hope that they will let me put a little dollop of salt in the buzzard puke because it is gone! If you get my drift.

Some of you will say, "Well it's the white man's fault, he allowed this to happen." And, of course, you are right. Nothing happens on this planet that we didn't allow to happen or maybe even helped it along thinking that we were being kind and generous. Or a lot of it has been accomplished by the greed of our own brothers and sisters on the promise of obtaining some Jew gold and power over our own people.

So I will admit, in the beginning, we let them get the foothold on our beloved country. But for the last five or six generations, the only information that is allowed to come through is after it has been put through the Jewish filter. So I am not so sure that today we are responsible for this mess. We just didn't have the factual information to work with.

But to let it continue once the facts are known is stupidity, and that is our fault. Whether we are doing it for greed or because we are scared to make any waves or maybe we are just lazy and comfortable and don't want to be disturbed.

Then we deserve what we get. When a black retard is made president, we deserve it. When a Negro thug is turned into Mother Theresa, we deserve it. When a Mexican is turned into one of us, this we also deserve.

If we all end up on our knees fellating our Jewish masters, that is our own fault. For not taking a hand and controlling our own destiny and letting a bunch of slimy worms control our destiny for us.

A famous Jew once said, "Who knows where this nation (the United States) and these people (the white race) could have went or accomplished without us (the Jews) hanging around their necks."

And it is hard to imagine. Lincoln would not have been shot so the Negroes would have been repatriated to Liberia. Garfield would not have been shot and we would be rid of the Federal Reserve. Without the power of owning our money the Jews could never have gained control of our media, and without the control of our media, they could never have brainwashed the masses into thinking that diversity is a strength.

Without the money and the media, they could never have gotten control of our government and thus our schools and colleges. Without the control of our media they could never have turned our Christian churches into Judeo-Christian churches.

Without the control of our media and money they could never have gotten us into World War One, or World War Two, or Korea, or Vietnam, or Kuwait, or Iraq, twice. Plus a hundred other wars that I can't even think of.

Our industry would not have been given away to foreign countries which benefited us not at all. We would still have our own oil, our own refineries and the Arabs wouldn't have hated us because we wouldn't have always been blowing them to hell for the sake of Israel. Gas would probably still be fifty cents a gallon. Thank you Jews! For that one.

We would not be broke from fighting their wars or feeding layabout Negroes and illegal Mexicans and illegal Puerto Ricans, Haitians, Somalis, and East Indians. So where could we have been by now? It staggers the imagination, doesn't it?

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melvin polatnick said...

Race mixing is increasing as white men start realizing Mulatto gals are more affordable. Jews are converting light skin blacks to Judaism and marrying those who have been posing as whites. Unfortunately many of their children will have charcoal black skin and wind up as drug addicts or inmates in prisons.