09 March 2012


So you are a proud American? What are you so proud of? Your black illegal alien president? That should really make you puff out your chest. Or is it your Jew approved congress? Of which there is not one that should not be hanged for treason. Or maybe it is your Supreme Court which contains three Israel firster Zionist Jews, one Mexican from Puerto Rico, a pseudo conservative Negro and various other activist riffraff.

Or are you proud that you have Nancy boys proudly strutting around the world in your county's military uniform. Or maybe you are swelling up with pride to know that the country you are so proud of let's these peter puffing fudge packers flit around having parades and alleged marriages and if you complain you are a hater and can be arrested.

Possibly your pride is coming from the torrential murdering of unborn babies while convicted murderers are given new trials and then being allowed to sit on death row until they are released or die of old age. I bet that is where your pride is coming from.

Or could your pride be coming from the millions of Mexicans that are flooding your country and sucking up it's jobs and it's public safety net while their illegal brats have swamped your children's school with no-English-speaking anchor babies. Or are you just prideful of the Somalis, Haitians, Filipinos, and east Indians that your Judeo Christian churches are importing by the boatload hopefully to swell their doomed to hell congregations?

Or could it be that you are proud that the government that the Jews have allowed you to elect have shipped all of your industry overseas so poor countries could make a better living while you get to flip burgers at McDonald's under a Negro task master. Is that why you are a proud American? Not even a proud citizen of the United States of America. Just a shitty old proud American. Just the same as you would be if you were from Mexico or Canada or Bolivia, or Peru or Brazil. "I am a proud American." You are? Really?

Or maybe you are proud of the "Patriot Act" so now citizens of the United States of America can be arrested and detained forever with no charges. Or citizens of the United States of America can have naked photographs made of them by third world Negro TSA agents to pass around and show to their fellow tribesmen. Or maybe you are proud that citizens of the United States of America can be murdered for no other reason than someone claimed that they were a suspicious looking terrorist.

Maybe you are proud to be sending your sons and daughters to the Middle East to be murdered so Israel can be happy and safe from the imaginary terrors of living next to Arabs.

Or just maybe you are proud of the fifteen trillion dollar debt that just one illegal alien nigger president has incurred for you and your children and their children and their children etcetera, etcetera, etcetera....... to pay back to greedy Zionist Jew bankers who stole the money in the first place! Now that is something that you can be proud of.

Or maybe you are proud of the Nigger or Mexican your son or daughter just married so that the thousand generations of white people that it took to make you are extinguished forever with the birth of your little brown pickininny grandchildren. I know that surely would make me proud.

Or maybe you are proud of the herds of wandering Negro children who go into stores in great numbers and just take everything that they want. And these same misunderstood Negro children are raping and murdering your sons and daughters. Including burning them alive after they are finished having their fun with them. And it's not even a hate crime for them because they are unfortunate and misguided and their many great grandparents might possibly have been slaves. You know that you have to understand the trauma that this causes them and show a little tolerance for Christ's sake!

Or maybe you are proud that you get to pay four or five dollars a gallon for gasoline because rabid environmentalists in your beloved United States of America won't allow you to build refineries, or drill for oil. Or if it is allowed then the oil is shipped to China and Japan to ease the strain on their economy. While your government is in the Middle East murdering Arabs for no apparent reason, helping to overthrow their governments, killing their leaders and sanctioning the populations so that it is a wonder that they will sell us oil at any price.

So you see, the United States of America that you are so proud of has a government that puts Israel above it's own people. Then, after Israel, comes Mexico, Somalia, Haiti, Puerto Rico, in fact, the whole continent of Africa then finally, after the rest of the world, if there are any scraps left over, the citizens of the United States of America that they claim to represent and the Constitution that they swore to defend can have what absolutely no one else in the world wants. If it happens to hit the floor. It's yours! Be proud and grateful America!


Anonymous said...

LOL,you're a fucking loser. Get over yourself whiny white boi. ;)

Anonymous said...

To the commie cunt or mud raced sub-human who called the clear sighted truth teller who authored this excellent piece a loser I say... Eat lead you bottom feeding scumbag!" I will remain Anonymous as well until the shit hits the fan & you won't be able to depend on your ZOG government to protect your pansy ass!" Then you find out real quick what a case of lead poisoning or rope burn feels like.

Anonymous said...

As an Iroquois I always find these types of blogs hilarious. Europeans are immigrants for f-sakes, lol.

And before you go on about your "superior civilization" take it back to Europe with you.

I don't see how us Natives will ever live without the War, Death, Poverty, Cancers and Obesity that your "superior" civilization brought here.

If you're so worried about white people then go back to your indigenous lands! EUROPE!

You're sitting on Iroquois land bitching about immigration.

Oh the IRONY!

Anonymous said...

Excellent article, which I see the trolls couldn't resist attacking.

It's the same here in the queer-infested, jew-infested multicult sewer that was once England *and will be again).

Call me a racist. I'm proud of it.

Call me a White supremacist. I'm proud of that too. Without the inventiveness of the noble White race, the non-white hordes would still be eating each other.

Oh, they still do that in Africa.

Get rid of the kikenvermin, then the rest will be easy.