24 March 2012


As I understand our history, we were founded as a Christian nation. That is right, isn't it? It wasn't a Judeo-Christian nation was it? Or was I just absent that day? Surely it would have been mentioned more than one time. "The Pilgrims landed at Plymouth Rock and got out and blessed this Judeo-Christian country that they were going to build for themselves and their posterity."

I just took another quick look at the Mayflower Compact and sure enough, no where in there did I see written the words, Judeo-Christian. As near as I can tell, the words "Judeo-Christian" were started to get kicked around with the advent of television evangelists.

Imagine that. When there was money to be filched out of the unknowing masses by preachers whoring themselves out on the living room boob tube, guess who jumped right in to rake in whatever ill gotten gains that could be milked out of this phenomenon. That's right, those corporate Jews who even at that time were gaining control of our mass media. And with just the tiniest bit of manipulation on the wording, Christians would be groveling at the feet of one of their life-long enemies, the Jews.

Jews are nothing if not consistent. They can spot a crack or a flaw in something from as far away as I can smell their bullshit. And that is just about at least a mile.

In order for these whores, such as Billy Graham, Oral Roberts, Jerry Falwell, and Pat Robertson and many, many others to renew their contracts, all they had to do is slip in five little letters in front of Christian. It would hardly even be noticeable. A few of the sheep might notice but these were their beloved shepherds so who were they to question this twisting of the Bible and Martin Luther's Protestant religion?

It rolled off of the tongue nicely and what harm could it cause? I mean really now, it's just five little letters used over and over and over in millions of homes at least weekly year after year after year.

As with everything that the Jews want to accomplish including to tear down the hated gentile Christians, they know that it takes at least two or three generations before fiction can be turned into fact so they just sat back and raked in the money and had their whores start adding the simple little word Judeo in front of Christian any time the word was uttered or written down.

Meanwhile the sheeple we know today as Judeo-Christians sat there and gobbled it up and never even noticed that their worship was slowly being turned away from their God to the state of Israel and the parasites dwelling there. They even started giving a large part of the tithes that they collected to these leeches without a word of complaint. Amazing, isn't it?

So now that the Judeo thing was a rock solid part of the Christian dogma, let's introduce miscegenation. Just let a couple of colored folks come to the white churches. In fact, bus a few of them in from the ghettos. Let their little children play together in Sunday school. What can be the harm in that? Surely nothing. Besides, it is a little more tithe money to send to Israel and don't the congregation look nice? All the pews are full of white, black, brown and yellow people.

Now how do these Judeo-Christian preachers get around the, "miscegenation is an abomination" in the Bible? Well, that part of the Bible is outdated. God surely wants all of these miscreants baptized and blessed. Just because the Bible curses it doesn't make it wrong.

Okay. Now we have our Judeo-Christian churches choked full of black and brown people and they are even importing Filipinos to marry the local whites to help get the racism out of them. Isn't it a blessing? Well, not according to God, but what the heck. It seems like the Judeo-Christian thing to do.

There are getting to be a lot of sodomites who are being left out of God's plan. Let's bring them into our Judeo-Christian church. Let them be preachers and pastors and evidently even priests! Isn't it lovely?

More money in the offering box to help the Jews in Israel. Oh, what a blessing. What? The Bible states time and time again that sodomy is another abomination? The Bible has to be just an old fuddy-duddy book. We just won't talk about those satanic passages in our nice Judeo-Christian churches. God must have been drunk when he allowed such things to be put down in his holy book. We need queers teaching our children in Sunday school. That's what Jesus would do.

Really? You can't truly believe that. Isn't it amazing what adding five letters to the word Christian has done to a religion in just a few short years? I am going to go out on a limb here and say that hyphenated Christians are not only not Christians but they might even be the other side of the coin, if you know what I mean.

I always used to wonder about how huge is heaven to fit all of these people in there? But I'm beginning to think that if it is as big as New Hampshire, it will be plenty big enough for all of the people who are actually going to be there.


Anonymous said...

Hyphenated "Christians". That hyphen has another function though, the negative, a minus, the sign of negation, as when a jew writes "g-d", meaning "not God", otherwise known as the devil.

Judeo (NOT) Christian.

G (minus) D, meaning NOT God. Neurologically, G would be 7, D would be 4. G minus D would therefore be 3 if that means anything to anyone.

All that matters though is that when a jew uses what we would see as a hyphen, it's actually a minus sign, the sign of negation.

Anonymous said...

Oops! I meant numerologically. I let myself be (mis)guided by the spell checker.