03 March 2012


You know, it just astounds me at the stupidity of white people. I mean God made them in his image and now we act like this?

I know, I know the Jews have bullshitted everyone into believing that they are God's "Chosen People" and made in his image but can you truly believe that God is a little hunchbacked, hooked nose, lying, stealing, cheating conniving Jew? C'mon. Not even you are that stupid.

Just because a bunch of radicals take over someone else's country and call it "Israel". They are magically the people that the Bible is all about? I don't think so. The Bible is all about us. White people. That is why we are so wonderful. Well, at least most of us are.

That's why we are able to conquer everywhere we ever walked. That is why we have invented everything ever worth having. That is why we go around being nice to folks that hate our guts and would murder us if they were given half a chance.

That is why we are the only race who coddle dogs and cats and every other kind of creature that you can think of. We are the only ones that bums will ask for money and we don't beat the hell out of them just for asking.

Some of us have even gone so far as to not even eat our fellow animals. however I am NOT in this group. When the world collapses back in on itself from the rot that is permeating it today, I will even eat my fellow humans. You guys can eat all of the grass and bean sprouts that you want to. Or even starve to death if that is your choice. But I will be roasting me a nice, juicy drumstick off of something. Even if it's name used to be Bobby or Sarah.

Now I realize that I am not a good example of being God's chosen people, but I have never claimed to be. When I found out that Moses couldn't go to the promised land because he got pissed off and hit a rock three times to get water out of it instead of twice, I gave up on even trying to get into heaven. I knew that it was never going to happen.

In fact, I don't think that I have ever met a person that is alive today that is going to get his or her fat ass into heaven. Not when they are compared to the people in the Bible. There is probably not a person who has lived in the last thousand years who has a whore's prayer of getting to go to heaven. Not even those old, raggedy, shitting-their-pants old popes.

But my favorite thing about our Godly race is the way we can short out when we are finally driven to the brink. Because we can put together out of nothing something that will put our enemies out of our misery in numbers that are amazing to behold.

Fifteen of us could come up with some little thing that would just wipe out billions of people in the wink of an eye. That is why I believe that we are the chosen people of God. No other race on this planet could do that.

So think what you will because it ain't any skin off of my ass. But a Judeo Christian is not a Christian. It is a Jew-approved Christian. That is why Judeo Christian doctrines approve of race mixing and sodomy. Both of which are abominations in the Bible but not in the Babylonian Talmud which is the Jewish Bible. These disgusting ideologies are approved of, even encouraged. As is pedophilia, slavery, bestiality and anything else that a pervert could come up with wanting to do.

So if you are going to a Judeo Christian (Jew approved) church, I believe that you are probably even more screwed than I am. Or more screwed than even some poor Aryan bastard who has never even seen the inside of a church.

Just because some asshole group of disgusting people stole a country and called it Israel does not make them God's people. No matter what they try and convince you of. Do you actually think that the perverts who murdered God's only son would be the ones that God would prefer over every other people of the world? I think him, like I myself, would rather spend eternity with a gunny sack full of rotted assholes than spend seven minutes with a disgusting, evil, slimy, thieving Jew.

As you might have suspected by now, that I am not a very religious person. But one thing I will totally bet my ass, my life and anything that I hold dear on this planet is that if one of you lucky bastards reading this manages to get into heaven, you will not find even one lazy, sneaky, thieving Jew there. Not one. No matter which rock you look under, there won't be even one Jew in Heaven.... EVER!!

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