26 February 2012


Do you suppose that last week's blog was hateful? Possibly even hate speech? Did I give you the impression that I have no use for the sub-humans of the world?

If you will allow me to do a little clarification of my stance on the humanoids that appear to be almost like us, but they are not. I have no problems with the ones living in Africa. Let them live, let them die. But leave them to their own devices. When they breed like rabbits and then die from starvation and disease, that is the way God planned it. Please let them do it.

I have no problems with the Mexicans in Mexico. They have made a home there for themselves. Let them live and die there. If they come to our country, the United States of America, kick the shit out of them and send them back to Mexico. Once. If they are caught here again, they are incorrigible and should be euthanized, for their own good. It keeps them from dying of thirst and heat in the Sonora desert. On top of that they are probably insane for thinking that they would go unnoticed in a white, Christian country. So euthanasia is just the best thing. Even for the babies, breeds and sympathizers.

But if they are in Mexico and you would like to see a Mexican, you could go down there and for five or ten dollars you could drive through there in your car, like a wild animal park. But don't be feeding them because they are just animals and they might bite you and give you some Mexican disease like dysentery or pango-pango or something. So it's just better if you stay in your car and keep the windows and the sun roof closed. And don't be playing La Cucaracha loudly on your car stereo. That is like catnip to a Mexican and they will mob your car. So be careful and if you think that you might want to take photographs, make sure you wash your windows BEFORE you enter the Mexican drive through zoo that should be Mexico.

As far as queers go, I think that the only thing that we can even consider is euthanization because they are disease ridden and disgusting. So unless we could find a remote abandoned island where they could be dumped and there was no possibility that they could ever escape. But I don't like it, they could always escape and since the only thing they do is spread filth and disease, I think that putting them to sleep is the best bet for everyone concerned. Once again, the breeds and sympathizers of this disgusting group could just go ahead and share their same fate.

As for the Jews, I am at a loss. We don't dare try euthanization on them because supposedly Germany has already tried it twice. Killing six million in WWI and six million again in WWII and they ended up with fifteen million holocaust survivors on a planet that only had four million Jews at the time. So we have to figure something else out because these maggots are magical and apparently every time you kill one three or four more are created.

So I'm thinking that we build a high fence with no openings all the way around Antarctica. Kind of like the one that they have built to keep the Palastinians away from them over there in Israel. Then we just load them onto C-130s with a few goats and olive trees and air drop them onto Antarctica. This could also include all of the Judeo Christian preachers and pastors and priests and the politicians world wide who have been helping them promote and spread their filth for the last hundred and fifty years.

Since they are magical, survival would not be a problem. I wouldn't even consider worrying about that. But, of course, since they are magical, one is bound to escape into the world population every now and then. That is where our wonderful giant white brains comes in. One of us can invent a Jewmeter. It could alert us if a Jew was trying to escape from Antarctica or if one has escaped, because they are very wily, it would go off very loudly screaming, "JEW,JEW,JEW,JEW,JEW" as soon as the Jew was detected and we could grab it and band it like we do troublesome bears and throw it back into Antarctica. Then, any banded Jews we catch out running around could just be euthanized because they are incorrigible and apparently cannot be contained.

Now these ideas are not written in stone. If some of you have some ideas that are more practical, I will be glad to take them under advisement. I just threw these out to get a dialogue going.

I know that damn fence is going to be expensive but I think if we take all of the riches that the Jews has stolen and cheated everyone out of over the centuries, it can be paid for easily. With money left over for punitive damages that they need to pay for also.

I'll be looking forward to your feedback on this topic and hopefully you can come up with some constructive ideas to move this along. Now, if you are just going to complain that I'm hateful, just move along because you are obviously in an area that is way out of your league and way above your level of comprehension.


Boer Sniper said...

I have been reading some of your writings and find them very 'uplifting" to the "spirit". Every essay I have read of you hits the prevobial nail on the head.

Here in South Africa (which was sold out just after the 2nd the "Boers"freedom war against the imperialsit english) we are sitting with the marxist / communist ANC animal farm as government.

I as a Boer descendant, second all your opinions and wish to encourage you to continue giving us enlightened insight into the root causes of this world's problems.

My grandpa used to say, 'There is only one good degenerate, and that degenrate has a bullet whole in his forehead, thereby ridding society of all degenerates and perverts "naturally".

God bless

Anonymous said...

Wait till we raise the flag of the Islamic State above your farm.