17 February 2012


So much for mister nice guy. This week we are back to terrorizing somebody, most likely those shitbag Jews, but maybe we will get into the felony committing beaners who are sneaking into our country by the tens of thousands, even though they supposedly hate our racist guts. Well, let me tell you, beaners. I truly am a racist and I have no use for your brown mud asses in my country so get the hell out. And take all of your relatives and little shitbag anchor babies with you. If you don't want to go back to your own third world shithole, take off and start swimming to China. They know what the hell to do with you third world uninvited invaders over there. And it makes me smile every time they take care of a bunch of you and you end up as fertilizer in a rice paddy. "Atta Boy! China!"

Or maybe we could get on the east Indians, Somali niggers, Haitian niggers, and nigger Muslims in general. Since this group is all blacker than Toby's ass and dumber than a box of rocks, I think that they should and will be lumped together. Here is another bunch that supposedly hate our racist, Christian guts. But yet they travel tens of thousands of miles just so they can get their nasty, stinking asses to America and live among the wonderful white, Christian racists that they hate so much. Where in the hell is the logic in that? See what I mean about them being dumber than a box of rocks?

Not only are they dumber than a dog turd, they are totally worthless. Unless being an airport for flies makes them worth something, somehow. They squat around on their haunches like they are taking a shit and let big-assed blow flies crawl around on them so they think they look pitiful. Let me tell you what, you black worthless pieces of donkey shit. Those flies could be knocked right off of you with an aluminum baseball bat and you would be the better off for it.

Why don't you all jump in right behind the beaners and head for China? China needs niggers! Haven't you heard? And if they need more fuel for those tanks going back and forth in Tiananmen Square crunching niggers for fertilizer, I'm sure Admadinejad would be glad to send them some free gas or diesel so that they could finish the job. "You go, China!"

Or maybe we could get on another totally useless bunch and this group is also disease ridden and disgusting. That would be the queers. Even though this smelly, revolting bunch are home grown Americans, I see no reason that we have to continue tolerating them in our midst. No one gave a shit as long as they stayed out there in Gay Bay in the shit stained state of California, but now they have spread their nastiness all over the country and there just really aren't enough barbed wire fences to hang them all on. But I do have an idea on how to be rid of them.

We could give them a free, all expense paid queer trip to a surprise location. Then just unload them all in Iran. Let them prance and flit around there until Admadinejad gave them the welcoming treatment that they give to their own queers. Then Wallahh! They all become ex queers and no one has to tolerate them ever again. "All right! Admadinejad!"

Now you might be thinking that I have forgotten about those lying, cheating, hooked-nosed money grubbers. But you would be wrong. I have more respect for dog breath coming out of his ass than I do for this greedy, thieving tribe of hemorrhoid scabs. These maggot infested cum stains have been thrown out of every country of the world except the United States. What in the hell is taking us so long? Of all of the groups mentioned here, this tribe is by far the most expensive, troublesome and detrimental to the human race.

They are not only completely worthless, they are constantly sucking the life out of anyone who is foolish enough to allow them to come near. It is the only way that the spawn of Satan can survive. From way before the time that they murdered Jesus right up through this very minute, their only job on this planet has been to infiltrate what God has put together and rip it apart, however they can. By pitting groups against each other. By inventing situations and then convincing the rest of the population that the situation is insanity or in the case of queerness and miscegenation, the people who are against it are insane.

"How can they do this?" you ask. Well, let me tell you. They have spent thousands of years taking advantage of other people's calamities and collecting any riches to be obtained before the fallen people can come back to their senses. To accomplish this they cause wars between two of their enemies, financing both sides until there is an apparent winner and then they ooze in on that side like that was always their intent.

By lending money to both sides to finance a war that they caused and then joining the winner, they have the means to control the winning side through the greed of their leaders.

And so it goes. Over and over and over. Until someone wakes up and says, "These pieces of shit have to be dealt with!" Then a mythological six million of them are supposedly murdered in horrific ways and for the next hundred years, they start their evil game all over again. Playing on the sympathies and greed of the white race. Like the disgusting fungus that they are, it is a seemingly never ending process.

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