04 February 2012


Our politicians and Israel want to get us into WWIII for no other reason than to finish us off and leave Israel with it's huge nuclear arsenal to rule whatever is left of the world.

So with soldiers, airmen, marines and sailors leaving the various services in droves because hanging around with queers and dykes is not really something that they signed on to do... I guess that we will be being saved by the butt pirates and carpet munchers that now make our "Queers Are Us" armed services. I personally feel as safe as a bug in a rug, don't you?

Instead of the Rangers, we will now have the Rump Rangers. Special Forces is becoming Special Ed. Everyone there will have to take the short bus to the war and of course wearing a helmet as they eat the paint chips in their rations. The Navy of course will actually be renamed, The Butt Pirates and the Air Force will become Airheads Away. And last but not least the Marines will now be known as Ladies in Comfortable Shoes.

Oh won't that be a scary and formidable site to scare the bejesus out of Admadinejad and Putin. I bet they will be shaking in their boots as the rainbow coalition is coming to get them. But they better get the hell out of the way or they will have bruises all over themselves from getting beat on the head with purses filled with makeup and pantyhose.

It will be a war like the world has never witnessed before. With scratching and kicking and biting. But being ever so careful not to break a fingernail or muss their hair up or make their mascara run.

The clacking of high heels on sand will be ringing in the ears of the enemy as he runs away until he can stop laughing long enough to retaliate. Maybe with a whisk broom or dust mop or something.

The allied armies will be skipping arm in arm, singing "Over The Rainbow" whenever they take time out of their busy fudge packing schedule and remember what they are supposedly in Iran for.

It will be so colorful as they skip along in their diapers and wigs. Their false eyelashes and false titties. And that would be the males of course. The females will have their big, black strap-ons pinned to their foreheads so they can be swinging like a giant rhinoceros horn. Trying to attract some femmes to come and join them. As they strut along in their combat boots and slicked back, goose greased hair, smoking cigars hanging out of the sides of their mouths.

I'm telling you, if that doesn't make the enemy of Israel tremble in fear, I can't imagine anything that would. After all, you could get an eye put out if you are beaten on the head with a high heeled shoe.

If you are a male enemy combatant from Iran who actually imagines himself a male, you know, some places around the world aren't as enlightened as we are and still use gender stereotyping, we probably can't imagine what those carpet munching dykes would do to you if you were unlucky enough to get captured. I'll bet that at least neutering would be at the top of the list.

I don't think that there is anything that came out of the Geneva Convention that is opposed to that. Hell, in 1949, no one could have imagined that the sodomites would have taken over the western military machine. So there was no need to address that particular atrocity.

Generals will no longer fly over the battlefield to observe the action below. They will be flitting over the battlefield trying to locate some action for themselves for the coming evening. Since epaulets do not look good with a tutu, their stars will be dangling from the brass rings in their ears and various other unmentionable places.

So you had better watch out Iran! Israel is coaxing her colorful ally the United States to come skipping along to get you and teach you a lesson for not loving Israel and central banking properly.

On top of that, you are really in trouble now since you recently publicly hanged those two fudge packers. 'cause that is what will be skipping along your countryside very shortly if the Jew York Jews and Israel have anything to say about it. And we all know that them and their Jew gold have EVERYTHING to say about it!

So when you are being beaten to death with high heels and heavy plastic purses, don't say that I didn't try to warn you about it.

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