01 January 2012


Today, worldwide, the Holocaust is defended and believed in more than the Bible. Even in Judeo Christian churches. How else can you explain them allowing the dissolution of all of our religious holidays?

Throughout the United States and all European countries, Christmas and Easter and all of their symbols, songs and prayers are being outlawed while menorahs are being erected faster than public housing for the poor, pitiful invading Negroes and Mexicans who are only coming to live among us so they can help us out and make sure that our population growth can keep expanding.

The Jews, who used to be the Khazars in biblical times, have perpetrated many many shams upon different nations and the world. Rewriting everyone's history accordingly, including their own to fit the circumstances that they have created, but they have really outdone themselves with the Holocaust.

It has enabled them to get control of the world's monetary system, get control of the world's information gathering abilities so any information can be twisted and turned to suit their ideologies and benefit the outcome of their one world order with them at the top which they have been striving for for thousands of years. In other words, the satanic rebellion that the Bible talks about.

In the Bible itself, it calls their church, "the synagogue of Satan". But since they convinced Britain to let them occupy Palestine so American Jews would convince the United States to get into WWII because the limeys were getting their asses handed to them by Germany... and they called their stolen land Israel and the whole Bible is about the people of Israel, so guess what? A bunch of Khazars are magically turned into God's chosen people.

So I'm guessing that if the Swahilis in Africa would have been smart enough to call their land Israel, well lo and behold! Now God's chosen people are black instead of the world's most prolific criminals and liars which dwell in the occupied country of Palestine.

In the Protocols Of The Elders of Zion, The Jews explain exactly what their plans are for the world and everyone in it and these were written a hundred years ago! So if you are not a blooded Jew and believe that these people have any use for you whatsoever besides maybe using you for a mule, maybe you should do a little research. Jews like Christians maybe a little less than Muslims do and we all have an idea of how much that is.

It amazes me that Christian churches around the world waste their time and energy supporting these world wide carpetbaggers who, if ever given the chance, will annihilate them in a heartbeat. Look at what they did to the farmers and peasants of the Ukraine when they starved over twenty-two million of them to death. You want to talk about a Holocaust? Now that was a real, documented Holocaust. Not like the fake one they continually bitch about during WWII.

I have discovered that nothing pisses the general population off as much as when you reveal the atrocities that these lying criminals are responsible for. That is why I try to provide links so you can go check the information out for yourself.

Here you can find some more on the crimes of this perverted, disgusting tribe and the way they are controlling the world because they control the world's financing. So why is this ungodly tribe so tough to convince people about? Well, let me enlighten you. Because any information you receive without digging for it has been filtered many times by this same tribe.

Books and magazines are filtered through Zionist owned publishing houses. Radio and television news is coming at you through Zionist owned radio and TV stations. Your entertainment is brought to you from the Jewish controlled cesspool called Hollywood.

Your politicians are all Israeli puppets because they want to be loved on the Jewish media and have a large supply of Jew gold steadily paying them for the money, weapons and favors that they dole out to Israel at the terminal cost to their own constituents.

So unless you become suspicious when you hear every Republican presidential nominee get up and brag how they love Israel more than America and start digging for information that is not being spoon fed to you, you will never even realize how you are being genocided out of existence.

Let's look at some organizations and look at who started them. The ADL of course. The SPLC, the NAACP, NOW for women and also AIPAC. Plus many, many more.

All of them started and maintained for the sole purpose of breaking down our society, ruining family and religious values and to spread any rifts between the races and the sexes so that they are even more at odds than they are naturally.

So it baffles me to no end why most of the white population of the world seems to worship these disgusting shit bags instead of ostracizing them from anyplace they try to settle in. Because wherever this tribe gathers together, the original population is bound for total annihilation if the Jews are not routed out and sent on their way.

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