26 January 2012


I have been reading and studying the Third Reich now for over twenty-five years and I only have to wonder if when the truth comes out will it be open season on the Jews and their allied puppets? because the truth will come out. You can't keep explaining lies away forever. Will their descendants still be responsible just as everyone now thinks that it is still the fault of the people living today to support these evil bastards and their fake country?

Going by what was done to the National Socialists and just regular German citizens after the war, I don't believe that any atrocity that modern man could come up with would be a horrible enough payback.

Since the Jews, and their goyem pets have continued this abuse against Germany and all of the European world for over sixty years, I can think of nothing that could be of equal misery that could be dealt out to them for sixty plus years.

We could try all of the tricks on them that they claim the Nazis did to them and see if even one of them actually works. We could give them shovels and make them start digging in Poland until they found a place where even the ashes of a hundred thousand Jews has been buried.

Maybe where there was supposedly a camp called Treblinka that the National Socialists have hidden so well that there is not even a trace that it ever existed.

We could also have them dig, by hand until they found that mass grave they claim is at Babi Yar or until they reached China, whichever came first.

We could try to stuff 700 of them in a 12x12 foot room. Just to see if it could possibly be done.

We could give the Palestinians back their country and any Jew found there after fifteen minutes would be given a roll of toilet paper to wear on his arm and he could be a Palestinian butt wiper until he died of old age. Since there is a rumor that Arabs aren't wont to wipe their own butts. Then when the Jew died it could be used for fertilizer for the Palestinian olive trees.

And they should be forced to do these things for generations until every second of misery that they have caused had been paid back ten-fold. Until every murder that they have caused due to fake convictions for fake crimes had been recompensed ten times over. And every gold sovereign that they have stolen or cheated people out of or that they lied about to get money for something they never had in the first place had been paid back at least a hundred times.

This abuse could be recorded and made into a reality TV show that they would have to watch at least twice a week until the end of time just like we have to watch the made up shit about the Holocaust that didn't happen to them endlessly.

Then, Guess what? The descendants of Franklin Delano Roosevelt, Josef Stalin, Winston Churchill, Charles DeGaulle, Dwight D Eisenhower and a few others including the leaders up through today could join in doing these jobs because they have knowingly let this fiasco continue through the present time. In fact they encourage it just to line their own pockets with the stolen Jew gold.

Because I can't believe that anyone who has actually bothered themselves with studying original records and transcripts would have any doubt about what a fairy tale every bit of "The Holocaust" story really is.

There is nothing but eye witness testimony to support it and the eye witnesses from the inmate side are so stupid that the average retard can see through their stories and on the Nazi side the numbers and instruments are so ridiculous that you could make a sitcom out of their testimony if you have any knowledge whatsoever about physics and chemistry.

The Nazis must have got together before the end of the war and agreed that if they were captured they were going to be tortured and hanged so when they confessed to the fabricated war crimes that they were just to give the interrogators everything they wanted to hear plus a lot more. And they did just that.

The interrogators were so pleased with the volume of the deaths and the diabolical ways that they were accomplished that they never even thought to check and see if what was in the confessions could even remotely be accomplished.

They just wrote it down and hung the National Socialists en masse. Even poor Ilsa Koch who was just the wife of a camp commander. She had probably not given some Jew the proper adoration so he made her pay for it with her life.

Once a Jew told a story, it was spread among the other witnesses so they could all testify to it and even add their own details to make it more outlandish.

One of the main proofs that all of this Holohoax is fake is the fact that it is the only piece of history that can get you fined and thrown into prison for just wanting to check it out in most European countries and Canada.

If you are an attorney and defend one of these suspicious people too stringently, you can be imprisoned for being a Nazi sympathizer. So you tell me that there is nothing being hidden here. Sure, I BELIEVE you.

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