14 January 2012


The founding fathers had to have had a sense of humor. After all, they called one branch of the government "congress". Now looking at the Congress today you would think that the word "congress" would probably be just another way to say "traitor" because every person making up that Congress today is a traitor to the United States and it's citizens so maybe in the future the word "congress" will be synonymous with the word "traitor".

But, actually, "congress" is the term used for a group of baboons, hence the founding fathers had to have had a sense of humor. But we would be way better off if they were baboons instead of the traitors that they are. They have been fellating their Jewish masters and Israel so long that all they worry about is what they can do for Netanyahu and Israel while lining their own pockets and to hell with America and Americans and what they might need or want.

"Our" and I use the term facetiously, government has become totally subservient to them just because of their (our congressmen and women, presidents and judges) greed. And this has been going on even since the founding of our wonderful country.

The Rothschild's family and their world banks and collection of stolen gold has lured our government into slavery the same as it has every other white nation of the world due totally to our white brothers and sisters' greed.

There is a reason why they (the Jews) have been exiled from every country of the world, except the United States, at one time or another. It is their natural ability at nation wrecking.

I have said this before, but I think that it can never be stated enough. They are parasites of the first order. They can only survive by taking the life's blood from someone else. They have absolutely no tendencies towards manual labor. Their only survival abilities lie in chicanery, thievery, lying and cheating someone else.

They pit their enemies against each other and then supply money and weapons to both sides and when a winner becomes apparent they leap out of the woodwork and join in the conflict on the winning side as if they have always been there.

Then that winning nation is bled until they become worthless and the cycle starts all over again by collapsing that nation in on itself as they tried to do in Germany and are doing in Europe and the United States right this minute.

Do I know how to fix it? Absolutely. And my second choice would be to exile every blooded Jew to Madagascar and Antarctica. Or as far as that goes, anyplace in Africa, since that is what they are using to annihilate us, let them have a little taste of it for themselves. Let them try to cheat an African with a machete and a bone in his nose out of something. Let's see how that works out for them.

I know that you are going to whine, But there are good Jews!" and I am sure that you are right. But the problem is that just like with Negroes and Mexicans, they have babies and their natural affinity is not being nice so the chances are real good that their offspring would revert back to their natural state of cheating, lying and stealing. So what is the point of taking a chance on it?

People have to start looking at this realistically instead of politically correctly. The elites in our country and throughout the European world, which amounts to the Jews and their pet Gentiles, are killing us, all of us. In the end if this is not stopped even their pets will be browned out or dead.

That is their goal. White people are too hard to control. I know that it doesn't appear so, but when we "hit the gates of Vienna" then we go nutso and we not only kill everything that is sucking air, we will eat them and use them for cattle and trading cards. And the Jews know this, this is not the first time that they have made their run for world domination and almost been drove into extinction once we reach our breaking point.

The only way that they can avoid this is by browning us out or pitting us against some of their other enemies so we wipe ourselves out, eventually. Because they have discovered that brown and black people are a hell of a lot easier to subjugate than white people. White people are too flighty and unpredictable.

I mean, hell, white people invented an airplane so we could fly. But that wasn't good enough. Then we had to invent a way to jump out of it. Even though we didn't need to. You just can't trust people with that attitude to remain docile. We have our traits, the same as any other race does. It's in our blood, our very nature and existence. The same as their traits are ingrained in them.

Just in case you haven't noticed, this aggravates me to no end and I bitch and moan about it almost 24-7. I have made more people dislike, maybe even hate me over talking bad about those shitbag Jews than for all of the other stuff that I tear up, added together.

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