08 January 2012


I want to take a little look at religion this week. Personally, I am a person who believes in God. I don't do anything to make him proud of me or to get my fat ass into heaven but it costs nothing to believe in him and if you don't believe in him and you are wrong........ boy are you ever fucked!

So as you may notice, I am sure no authority on religion. But I do know that more people have died violently in the name of religion than for all other reasons combined. I don't know what the implications of that are, But I just thought that I would throw it in here.

I know that Jews hate Christians and Muslims hate Christians and Christians, according to modern day churches, love everyone. This is the first problem with religion. Christians have beat the dog shit out of Muslims, Buddha people, Hindu people heathens and atheists since the beginning of time. To my knowledge, they have always been too busy sucking on Jew ass and other appendages to beat the shit out of them.

So I'm guessing here that Christians don't truly love everyone. They just say they do. Even God, who I am assuming is the supreme Christian, beats the shit out of everyone. A lot of times for no apparent reason. And sometimes he leaves folks alone when they really should have the shit beat out of them. (I am thinking of those frigging Jews here) So I am thinking that this is problem two with religion.

So now, if God created everyone and everything and everyone is supposed to worship God to get into Heaven.... why in the hell did no one even know about God until white missionaries went around the world beating religion into the burr heads of Africans, Indians, Chinamen, Arabs, and all of the other third world rabble? Didn't God think that they were good enough for his personal attention? Were they all just going to hell until those missionaries got a hold of them and beat a little godliness into their thick heads? I think that this might just be problem three with organized religion.

Now as most of you people know, I am not originally from the Bible belt. I hail from Wyoming where, at least to me it appeared that religion was pretty much a slipshod operation. You could know people who attended church religiously, and then when you worked with them during the week, they would make fun of the other people who had attended their church! That does not seem very Christiany to me. I know that Christiany is not a word but it fits perfectly here so just go fuck yourself. Religion's fourth problem.

Now. Problem five. And this one is my favorite. We all know folks who are rabidly religious. They go to church every Sunday. They might even be preachers or pastors. Whatever hell the difference there is, I don't know. If you will bother to stop and listen, they will tell you biblical and godly stuff for hours. This is all for your own good of course.

Now you would think that these people who are so close to God and love him so dearly would be at ease in their own hides and if they got sick and died, so what? They would be going home to be with the god that they CLAIM that they worship and want to spend eternity with. Well, maybe not so much. When the reaper comes calling, he has one hell of a time trying to snag up one of these God loving people.

They are kicking and clawing with tubes and needles sticking out of them everywhere and if they are conscious, they are crying and pleading with their relatives not to pull the plug so that they can go be with God.

Hell no. They want to stay here on this sinful planet and hang around with all of the evil sinners dwelling here instead of going to heaven to be with their God. Now this particular problem with religion baffles me to no end and it always has.

I have never met a supposedly religious person yet that if you blindside them with this dying thing, they will waste no time telling you exactly how bad they dread dying. Of course if you ask them during a conversation that is about God and heaven, they will lie their asses off and tell you how they can't wait to get to Heaven to be with God.

See what I mean? If I were you, like me, I would go ahead and believe in God. It costs you nothing and it just might save your ass from ending up in hell. But you just might want to pick up a Bible and read it for yourself. Don't ask anyone's opinion on what it means, just come up with your own deductions. I think you might just be way better off. Because I think that probably there are a hell of a lot more wrong religions out there than right ones.

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Obadiah 1:18 said...

Only Israelites, i.e. the white Anglo-Saxon, Celtic, Nordic, and kindred peoples can be saved. Christ said that He came only for the lost sheep of the house of Israel. This excludes all non-whites, people of mixed race, and especially Jews, who by their fruits have proved they are anything but the chosen race of God. Jews are the spawn of Satan, which is why they do everything in their power to remove Christian symbols, traditions, and morality from white society, and why they encourage miscegenation.

More people die for religion and in religious wars than for anything else? Religion is often used as an excuse to seize power and lands, but that doesn't mean that religion, racially based Christianity in particular, is worthless or evil.

God is as much a God of hate as he is a God of love. The Bible says He hates his enemies and will ultimately destroy them. But then that is what the Jews are planning to do to us, is it not? In fact the Bible says that they do little else but steal and destroy.

Sooner or later it all boils down to violence. Not a palatable truth in this day of walking on politically correct eggshells, but a truth nonetheless.

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