20 January 2012


This week I would like to look at the value of living beings and how different characteristics or features gives it more of a right to live and not be tortured than another living being that may not have been quite as lucky in life's lottery.

The very first thing that comes to mind is if a car cuts you off and almost wrecks you, you immediately look at the driver. If it is some old middle aged hag with three kids in the back and she appears to weigh three hundred pounds, you will call her everything but a human and maybe even run her to ground so that you can actually cuss at her to her face. And in your mind, you wish that you could just punch her in her fat, ugly face to teach her to have more respect for an important fellow like you. Am I right or what?

Meanwhile, if the offending driver was a gorgeous twenty year old blonde who happened to be texting and not even watching the road and maybe she glanced up in time to give you the finger for being in her way, you would smile and wave and shrug your shoulders like it was all your fault for not paying more attention to what she was doing. And you might even follow her until she stopped and then try to get a date with her and she would humiliate you some more and you would once again smile and excuse yourself.

See how this works? And you know that it is true. It is true all of the way down the food chain.

What brought this up is the uproar caused by the euthanization of a stupid dog. Or the girl who was throwing the new-born puppies in the river or the picture of the soldier holding the cut off dog's or wolf's head. People were horrified and outraged and the perpetrators of these crimes should be found and crucified or maybe burned alive. Anyway, something really horrible. The horriblest thing that you could think of.

Yet these same outraged assholes will abort an unborn baby in a split second. Shit, they would probably take the fetus home and fry it up and eat it for supper or maybe they would feed it to their wonderful, valuable, shitting in the house dog.

That pisses me off. A dog is a goddamn animal. I don't give a rat's ass how cute he is or how wonderfully he bounces around when he sees you, he is an animal. He will eat your ass without ever giving it a second thought if it ever became absolutely necessary.

How damn disgusting are you? You will boil a goddamn lobster alive just for your eating enjoyment. You are glad that millions of cows, pigs, chickens and sheep are murdered every day by someone else for your eating pleasure. But you piss and moan about a dog? Or a cat?

Just because they are cute and they appear to love you they get a pass? Any of the animals listed above except maybe the lobster can be trained to appear to love you also. So why no pass for them? They fall too far down on the cuteness meter, don't they?

You are a bunch of hypocritical bastards. You will abort your own unborn child. Most of you eat all kinds of murdered animals on a daily basis. Hell, most of you have even murdered a fish yourself. By smothering him to death! Why is that more humane than drowning a puppy? I guess that fish aren't that high on the cuteness meter either, are they?

You raise hell because people club baby seals for their fur but you have no problem beating the brains out of a fish, or squashing a fly with a giant fly squasher that you bought especially to squash flies with so that it was even premeditated.

You will cut the heads off of snakes without even an appearance of a tear in your eye. You will gladly grind a spider or a scorpion under your heel without a fare-thee-well or a second's thought.

If you had the ability, you would murder a charging grizzly bear just because he was trying to get himself some supper. You are such a whiney little hypocrite that it's hard for me to understand.

So the next time you get outraged over someone killing a stupid dog or a a cat or a horse, just stop and think about all of the unmourned aborted babies that you have helped murder with your silence. Think of all of the unmourned murdered cows, pigs, chickens and sheep that have had to give their lives to keep your two-faced belly full. Think of all of the little unmourned bugs and snakes and lizards that you have helped to murder every day of your life.

Then just shut the hell up because someone killed a dog for a reason that you know nothing about. Unlike you he might not have aborted his baby and the dog might have bit it's face off. In the case of the puppies going into the river, the girl might have just been feeding her fish. Maybe she likes fish just as much as you like dogs. So go screw yourself. Asshole!


jerryIKA said...

Great piece of work. I agree 100% Ya I'm back on again. Keep up the good work

Anonymous said...

An interesting "odd" viewpoint you give, but I think we can eat some animals for food (their purpose in God's scheme) and value other key RESPONSIVE animals as companions: a very different category!

Certainly a sexy female can get away with much more (especially with men!) than others, because we need mates. Any potential one has a varied "price" (and they usually know it, often pushing the point!)