04 December 2011

JEW 101

Haven't enough of America's finest children been killed and maimed for Israel, yet? Now we need to invade Iran for no apparent reason other than those friggin' useless Jews and their puppets in our government want us to?

Every one of those spineless traitors trying to get the Republican nomination for president are constantly crowing about attacking Iran. If Israel wants Iran attacked, let Israel attack them. Without our help and anyone else who sticks their nose in it gets what they deserve.

Admadinejad has the fourth largest standing army in the world and I'm not so sure that both Russia and China might give him a hand because anyone can see that if anyone in the Middle East needs an ass whipping, it's not him, it's Netanyahu. Him and his whole country of parasites need to be kicked back into the dark ages.

And all of that nasty Jewish vermin spread throughout the world needs to be kicked back there with them. It would be a hundred percent total gain for everyone else on the planet. It should have been done centuries ago but better late than never, I always say.

All they are are fraudulent tricksters who exist by sucking the life's blood out of everyone else. All the while whining and complaining about how everyone is constantly abusing and mistreating them. They haven't been mistreated and abused nearly as much as they should have been.

The only money they make for themselves comes from dealing in white slavery, child pornography, organ thievery, usury, narcotic sales, fraud and debilitating propaganda. You talk about pond scum, these people are it.

They supposedly have that "Samson" thing where if they go down, they are equipped and ready to take the rest of the world with them. Well, I say, "Bring it on." I would rather be annihilated than have to spend my life sucking up to the likes of them, like Germany has had to for the last hundred years. With a brief respite when they had the luxury of being led by a man who thought that Germany should take care of Germans first.

I really don't know how they have flummoxed the rest of the world into allowing them to accomplish the horrible things that they are responsible for. Either directly or indirectly. Like starving to death twenty million Russian Ukrainians during the Bolshevik Revolution.

Like convincing the United States and Britain to attack Germany during WWI. Doing it once again in WWII. Which caused millions of unnecessary deaths to the white race.

Ever since the end of WWII, keeping us quagmired in one conflict after another to diminish the best of our male population and collapse our economy. All the while they are loaning money to both sides to build weapons so we can kill each other and the fat Jews stand on the sidelines rubbing their hands in glee.

In the last forty years they have kept us attacking Arabs for one made up reason or another, all the while staying away from the danger themselves. Have you seen that wall that they have built to keep the Palestinians away from them? Without a word of complaint from anyone around the world.

Meanwhile, we are damned if we want to put a barbed wire fence between us and Mexico to try and slow down the Beaner invasion. That makes us evil racists!

You surely have seen the video of that old Jewish whore saying that Europe was going to have to become multi cultural. If you haven't, here is the link, go piss yourself off with it. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=53A5AJoRxF0&feature=related

How about when they attempted to sink the USS Liberty? Don't believe me? Check this out http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DDKz46KXVkc&feature=related

How about Jonathan Pollard? I thought Israel was our friend. http://www.jonathanpollard.org/7890/021587.htm 

What about the Lavon affair? http://whatreallyhappened.com/WRHARTICLES/lavon.html

All of this crap you have probably never heard about as you go around defending God's supposedly "chosen people". Speaking of that, you might want to check this out so you can further your education a little bit. http://www.christianidentitychurch.net/where_blessing.htm

Take your time and check out these links. You WILL learn something.

I hope after you are finished checking these links out that you are better able to understand my and many others' animosity toward the Jews and Israel and the people who coddle them and fawn over them as though they were something other than the disgusting maggots that they really are.

If a race or a tribe of people truly need their comeuppance, it is these people. They have gotten it time and time again throughout history but like any creeping, slimy mold, they just keep oozing back into the mainstream of life. Because they just cannot exist on their own. Like a tick, or a flea, or a germ.... they must have a host to survive.

While their usefulness or what they are good for is non existent except to be held up as the example of why the world is in the turmoil and state of disrepair that it is in, a lot of the world's population think that they should survive. But other than knowing that it is wrong to genocide a people like they are trying to do to us, they can give no reason why they should be allowed to continue to exist.

As always, there is not one iota of hatred in this blog. Just a really strong desire to see some payback for Nuremberg, for killing Jesus, for starving twenty million Ukrainians to death, for the thousands of years of lies and deceit and usury that they have perpetrated against the rest of humanity, that's all.

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