18 December 2011


Since 1944 Germany has been willingly giving it's gross national product to the Jews and Israel. With nary a whimper. And they have set up their government so no one dares to whimper about giving these worthless parasitic shysters anything they want. With the latest thing being either a three billion or thirty billion dollar submarine that these dirty scavengers can launch nuclear warheads off of.

All this is on top of the billion dollars a year that they just fork over to Israel on top of the fifty million Holocaust survivors they are paying for endlessly and have been for over sixty years. Besides paying for "Holocaust Museums" throughout the world. Giving Jews allegedly stolen art work and stolen Jew gold. This is day in and day out for sixty-seven years!!

What a load of shit! Those lying assed Jews should be paying Germany for murdering all of the outstanding and honorable officers of the National Socialist regime at Nuremberg. Then they should have to make restitution for every German that they have accused of being a Nazi war criminal ever since then.

Then they all should be lined up and executed as they already have claimed to have been.... at least twice. Once after WWI and then again at the end of WWII. Plus they should pay with their lives or Jew gold for the twenty million Ukrainian men, women, and children that they just starved to death in Russia at the turn of the last century.

They have Germany so beaten down that a lawyer defending a Holocaust revisionist goes to prison because he is questioning the validity of the Holocaust. If ever an event needed questioning it is this totally fabricated fairy tale.

It would be like me saying that the Wizard of Oz was a true story and then if you wanted some evidence to prove my claim, well... you just go to prison because it is self evident that the Wizard of Oz is a true story. You know as well as I do that they have tornados in Kansas. So since this is true, you are either insane or a criminal trying to cause me trouble by calling me a liar about the rest of the story.

The native Germans living in Germany only know that they (according to those lying fucking Jews) are just horrible people who have to pay endlessly for a crime that was never even committed! And they don't dare complain or they go to prison, or worse yet to an insane asylum because only crazy people would question the Holocaust.

But is is against the law to do any research to prove that it happened, or didn't happen. It is just common knowledge. Look at all of the Jews who have told us so. How dare we lowly gentiles have the audacity to question the honesty of a Jew. Let alone a whole pack of them.

Germany needs another Hitler. Real bad. They only thought they were in trouble in 1939 compared to now. The traitors who are running Germany are even worse than the traitors who are running the United States and it's hard to believe that that is possible.

I mean, if you are a German and you get into trouble by saying Jews are lying pieces of maggoty shit and your lawyer defends you too stringently, you both go to prison! And you are not allowed to present any evidence at your trial nor are you allowed to call any expert witnesses. If you could find a witness and he was allowed to testify, he would go to prison also for denying the Holocaust!

Wow! That is hard to wrap your mind around.

I am descended from German stock on my mother's side and I can't remember a one of her brothers or sisters that was a whimpy sissy like those that must exist in Germany today. In fact, they were all pretty scrappy if you messed with them unnecessarily.

I don't have any idea what Germany could do to heal herself and rid herself of these parasites that only exist because they are able to feed off of the likes of Germany and the United States and Britain. Because if she ever uttered the slightest complaint the rest of the world would immediately attack her because everyone would know, "The Nazis are coming! The Nazis are coming!"

Hopefully, the masses of Germans are smarter than the people who have insinuated themselves into leadership positions and they are just biding their time..... until they can stage a Germanic rebellion that will collapse the Synagogue of Satan around the world.

If worse comes to worse, I think that God will end up smiting them, and I hope that I am still alive to witness the smiting. It will be wonderful to behold. Then they will have a reason to actually use that stupid Wailing Wall that they brag about having. Which, like everything else they have, they stole or connived out of someone else.

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