06 November 2011


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You might think to yourself that I get on Jews, Negroes, Mexicans and politicians way too much, but if you would bother to read the fine print under the name of the blog you would notice that this blog is about the observations of the stupidity that I notice, and these four groups of people with the assistance of their retarded, bleeding-heart, white allies are doing everything in their power to destroy the country that they are living in.... well I just can't come up with anything stupider than that.

I know that it should have been more stupid but stupider just has a better ring to it. At least in my ears.

I deal with and live among what the mainstream calls; racists, white supremacists, haters, bigots, homophobes... have I left anything out? And it breaks my heart when some of them that have been struggling against white genocide their entire lives seem to be ashamed of it in their everyday public lives.

At first I thought that I was imagining it because I am famous for digging into anything until I can locate a flaw and the start chipping away at the flaw until it crumbles. But on this occasion, I think that my instincts are right on and it is a sad thing to behold.

Personally, I always try to have something racist visible on my person. Just to remind the people that I deal with that there is a problem and the problem needs to be confronted. But apparently, some people, though they are made of steel in the privacy of their own homes, get real whimpy when it comes to reminding their daily acquaintances. Who are the ones who really need to be reminded. It just seems a little hypocritical to me. That's all.

That was just some personal stuff that needed to be put out there.... well, I don't know if it needed to be, but there it is anyway.

Since 1865, we have had the dregs of our society available to vote for to run our beloved country. Abraham Lincoln, when he had finally beaten the eleven southern states into submission made sure that never again could anyone complain about how the northeastern regime controlled and robbed the rest of the country.

So now, for almost a hundred and fifty years we have only been allow to choose from the crooks, the cowards, the despots, the worms and every disgusting form of humanism to be our political leaders. And we wonder why our country is in the dumpster? I think that it is pretty self evident.

Just look at the current batch that we have trying to become our next president. A Negro, as if this country could even survive another Negro president when the present one has put us twenty trillion dollars in debt with his nigger richness. The whole pack is nothing but spineless Democrats who call themselves Republicans.

Not a one of them is an America Firster. Every one of them puts Israel and the rest of the world ahead of our own well-being. Which in the old days would have been called "high treason". But that is what you have to expect when you only get the self-aggrandized cowards and the dregs of society to choose from to vote for.

But back to my point. In the bunch that is running now, Ron Paul, who is no prize and would give our country away to Israel in a second, has a lot of excellent ideas on the Federal Reserve, needless wars, illegal immigration and immigrants and is winning in most of the straw polls. You hardly ever hear a word about him in the mainstream news. That is because they want him to die of loneliness and just fade away and be forgotten so we only have the most horrible of the pack of traitors to vote for.

That was the same thing that they did with the traitor McCain in the last presidential election and that is exactly how we ended up with a spendthrift foreign nigger for our president.

Now this has been going on for a hundred and fifty years. Do you still wonder how we have gotten where we are? I wouldn't think so. When you have only the weakest and most cowardly leading you for a hundred and fifty years you end up just like old "Yellow Stain" in the Caine Mutiny if any of you have bothered to read that book. If not, you might want to check it out someday.

These traitors have given all of our industry away. They have flooded our country with third world losers that have to be nursed and taken care of. Cuba and Mexico emptied their prisons as long as the convicts made their way to America and got out of their homeland. So now they are either out raping and robbing on our streets or they are in our own prison system sucking up our nonexistent resources.

As dumb as I am, I am able to understand that when a country is no longer moving forward it is toppling and getting ready to crash and burn.

When I was a little kid, in the Weekly Reader, Russia, which had just a collection of communist, Bolshevik Jews running it, was bragging that it would take over the United States without firing a shot. Well, guess what, folks? I think that the takeover is nearly complete.

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