13 November 2011


This is something that has been bothering me quite awhile, probably since the day that I was born if the truth be known. But for sure since I rented the "Honeymooners" DVD and Jackie Gleason and Art Carney and everyone else had turned into niggers!

And not just your old run-of-the-mill, robbing, raping, murdering, everyday nigger, but stupendously retarded, fat, lazy niggers who did not have the capability of being funny if you stuck all of them in one Topf oven at Auschwitz. Which is where the whole mess should have been.

You might be wondering where that comment came from, well, I'll tell ya'. That is my version of an anecdote. I know, it's not very good, but it is my very first one so give me a break.

The two point three minutes that I watched of this movie did not cause me to crack a smile. Not once. In fact, it caused me to break the damned DVD and it cost me $29.95 to replace it at Netflix.

Now although turning the Honeymooners into niggers bothered me, but since they lived in Jew York City, it didn't surprise me that much since anyone who has ever existed among the Jews has turned out badly. Look at Jesus Christ for instance. Look at the beating Germany has been given for the last seventy years.

But more recently a Norse god has turned into a nigger. Now I would say that this is cause for alarm. If a Norse, blonde haired, blue eyed, god can be turned into a nigger, then anything can. That means that you could just be walking down the street one day and puff! There you are, a retarded nigger. Wouldn't that be wonderful?

I think that it might be happening already as many niggers as are popping up in weird places. Such as job sites and other places of work. But I do notice that when they look around and realize where they are, they get the hell out of there as quickly as possible. They know that they look more natural lounging around on the steps of the welfare office or hunkered down in an alley smoking crack.

Another famous person that has turned into a nigger is Sleeping Beauty. Now there is an oxy-moron if I ever seen one. Beauty and nigger in the same sentence, describing the same person. They must have made Prince Charming go blind and plugged his nose with Vicks laden cotton so he did not realize what he was kissing.

I think trickery like that is probably blind person abuse.

But whoever turned Sleeping Beauty into a pickininny forgot to give her a burr head, they also forgot those huge bulbous lips and that giant nose that resembles a brown doorknob. I guess even their imagination wasn't good enough to think that all of those features would make any kind of a beauty. Let alone a sleeping one. So basically what they did is took a blonde headed white girl and dyed her hair and skin black to fool someone into thinking that after a hundred years she had turned into a nasty, black woman.

Every movie you watch that contains a group of people, say four people, one of them has to be black, one of course has to be a queer and the two girls have to have lesbian tendencies. So there, in four people, you have every kind of degradation possible with only four people.

Every commercial has to have several really dumb white guys with a really smart nigger taking care of them. Talk about you fantasies. Then if the commercial contains crooks, they must ALWAYS be white because everyone knows that there is no such thing as evil black people.

As far as I am concerned, they have a nigger TV channel and if they want to make all of these Caucasian epics black and turn the white people in them black so they can think that they are wonderful like white people, more power to them. Just keep it on your nigger channel. That is what the nigger channel is for.

Because no matter how much you wish it, you are never going to turn white. In fact, no matter how many white heroes that you turn black in your mind, even you have to realize that no, they weren't actually niggers. If they were they would be out robbing and raping instead of doing hero stuff.

That is just the way God made you. To look pretty much like a monkey and smell like a hog. And until he changes his mind and wants to clean you up and make you look nice, that is your fate. I'm not being hateful here, I am just trying to be realistic. So enjoy your niggerness. Watch your nigger channel. No one cares. Just don't be trying to force your niggerness on us. Because I for one don't care for it.

I would just as soon not even be aware that you exist. I don't care that you exist, I just don't see where there is any advantage for me to have to acknowledge that you do. So let's just stay out of each other's way and if I stay off of your nigger channel, keep your niggers off of my channel.... oh, that's right. I'm not even allowed to have a channel. What the hell is up with that?

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