26 November 2011


Negroes are only doing what white people have taught them to do. They are only pissed off because their ancestors were slaves because whitey has pounded it into their thick, no-nothing skulls that they should be pissed off. Realistically, they can't even trace their genealogy back to their father, let alone back to a few great grandparents.

Those, "nappy headed hoes" weren't even mad at Imus until the Jews in the news told them that they should be outraged. Negroes are just a little bit dumber than your family dog and you know how much he cares if you insult him.

Now you are probably outraged because I stated the niggers are dumber than a dog. Well, I wouldn't say that if there wasn't proof available. Try to teach a nigger to herd cows or sheep or to lead a blind person around. You know that you couldn't do it. That is just way above the poor darkie's learning curve.

You might could teach a nigger to fetch, but I have my doubts. While a dog knows how to swim almost when it is born, the Negro, like his brother the monkey, will drown if you stick him in deep water.

Look at the current basketball fiasco. They were already averaging five million dollars a year and these are people that can barely talk and have no skills except that they are seven feet tall and can bounce a ball while jogging around. Since that Jew told them to just go screw themselves, what can they do now? There is not a lot of opportunity for a black, seven foot mongoloid who can't speak as intelligibly as a parrot, in civilized society.

So now they have even more time to break into white people's homes and rob and rape the folks inside. It doesn't matter whether they are men or women to the Negro. Because his little walnut sized brain can't comprehend the difference. As long as they scream and try to escape, that is all that matters to him.

He does understand that something that is noisy and wiggly must be something that is breedable. There are just not that many requirements before something is rapable to him. Looks and odor have nothing to do with it. Just look at the female of his very own species.

So how do white women get tangle up with these primates and become mud sharks, you may be asking. Well, I'll tell you. I think the average white woman is so terrified of getting to be known as a racist that when one of these monkeys lumbers up to her and grunts out some unintelligible language, she just assumes that if she doesn't drop her drawers on the spot, he will start screaming racist! Racist! Much to her embarrassment.

Then, once it is known that she is or has been a mud shark, no white man worth his salt would have anything to do with her. So she has to get a job or become a whore so she can support her big, black boar and starts squirting out little mongoloid, half breed gorillas.

She takes her beatings and rapings and ends up dead in a dumpster in some alley, just because she didn't want to be known as a racist. And so ends the thousand white generations that it took to create her. They are all dead forever.

Mexicans aren't much different. They are a mutt race that those stupid conquistadors created down in south America because after spending years down there, they turned to bestiality and started mating with the local injuns.

Whoever could have known that by them murdering their ancestry for their own pleasure they were going to create a bunch of smelly, loud-mouthed, gaseous bean eaters who in centuries to come would be causing problems in North America?

They run around in herds calling themselves gangs, causing trouble and mayhem everywhere they are allowed to exist.

You could take five hundred rednecks and give them each a Thompson and a machete and supply them with free ammo and barrels and totally end this black and brown problem in ten days to two weeks. Grind the results up for dog food and fertilizer and be done with it. Forever.

There are so many easy ways to end these problems that it's not even funny. This particular one is just my choice because then the problem is solved. It is no longer reoccurring.

Something that would be a little more expensive but just as permanent, would be to give every black, brown or in between and their kids, spouses, sympathizers, and relatives a free vacation to Hawaii. Then just herd them all into a volcano. There would not be near the cleanup involved that way.

Either way, you could get every one of them. Because rednecks have a natural instinct for hunting varmints and you know that this black and brown free-lunch crowd could never pass up on an all expense paid trip to Hawaii.

I am just throwing ideas out there. None of this is written in stone. You probably have your own thoughts on how to make white nations white once again. Well, I'm listening. Drop me a line to able88aryan@gmail.com and see what we can come up with.

This blog is not a "hate" blog. It is more of a "think tank" for white people. Most of us have no hate for these off-breed bipeds. We just don't care to live among them or to put up with them. Is that so wrong? We don't go to their countries to live and the bitch continually about how they are. So all we are asking is the same courtesy from them.

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