23 October 2011


When did they amend the Constitution so that it became a law that if you are not a traitor, a liar, a scumbag and worse than slug feces you could not run for political office? Was it in the original Bill of Rights, and I just missed it? Or maybe it was written in the Mayflower Compact and after that it no longer had to be written down. It was just understood as a given.

I have scoured our founding documents for even a hint of such an idea and I could find none.

The right to murder unborn babies was another one that just escaped me. I even checked just in case the phraseology had been revised so much that I did not recognize it. But it just wasn't there.

I am not a constitutionalist. But I can recognize a traitor when I see one and there are around seven hundred of them in Washington D.C. Each one of them sucking up a quarter of a million dollars a year of your hard earned money. Not to the benefit of you or your country. But for the betterment and safety of all of the Jews in Israel. These same traitors also send your sons and daughters to the Middle East, also for the safety of Israel and all of her three million Holohoax survivors.

It just warms the cockles of your heart, doesn't it? Knowing that you are allowed to give your money and your descendents' blood to promote the synagogue of satan in the middle east? That "synagogue of satan" comment is the Bible's words, not mine.

Now, with our "free speech" that we have in our country. And this one is God given, not given by congress, we are not allowed to advocate violence against any of the maggots infesting our nation's capitol. I think at this time there are even laws in the works to make it a crime to even talk bad about them. Which if there was ever a group of blood worms that needed talking bad about, it is this bunch.

There are just no words bad enough to accurately describe the blood-sucking, self-aggrandized traitors that elect themselves to run our country. Since we are only allowed to vote for the chosen ones that the foreign owned media puts up for us to vote for, we really have no say in who is running our country. And we haven't had for many years now.

Although the national politicians are the worst, the traitors are even at work locally. Prime examples are; New York City, Chicago, Detroit, L.A. and Harrison, Arkansas. I threw that last one in because I know that they are currently trying to get more off-colored people into Boone County so they can start collecting some of that "diversity money" Obama is giving to to the loving people who will ruin their communities by moving in anyone who is NOT white!

I guess that there is not enough local rape, robbery and muggings to suit these money-grubbing worms that are bellowing day and night about the mythological advantages of "diversity".

But this kind of agenda is going on all over the European world with the elite who live in their gated communities and high-rise skyscrapers wanting to flood the masses with a third world population with the only reason being that there is profit in it for them in one way or another.

They are just saying, "To hell with the results of what we are doing to line our own pockets. And to hell with the peasants who have to live among and contend with this third world rabble."

Politician should be solely responsible for anything that happens under their watch. No matter how many underlings and committees they have hired or appointed to take the blame, they should be the only ones responsible for what happens. Then they would try to hire competent people instead of just their buddies who might want to lounge around on the public dole.

Obama should be responsible for every screw up anyone he has appointed has made. If it is a prison sentence, Obama and the screw-up should both have to serve the time. If it is treason, they both should be hung by the neck until they are dead. And this should be the policy clear down to the city dog catcher.

If you are elected or hired to do a job, you are responsible for everything to do with that job and if you are too lazy to do it yourself so you appoint people to do it for you.... they better be capable and responsible or you are the one who is going to pay. No matter how many excuses or how much whining you do. It is your fault!

No one should be able to skate because they hired a dummy to do their job and then it wasn't done or it was totally screwed up. The person doing the hiring should pay. No questions asked.

In the case of a national politician, you are paid a quarter of a million dollars a year with unlimited benefits and retirement. You should have enough spine to do your own job or pay the consequences. I don't give a damn how tough it is. You shouldn't have hired on if you can't do it.

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