16 October 2011


I talk with people. Not a lot of people, but folks that you would never come across in your daily life. Or if you did run across them, you would never know it. Not that they are sneaking around but they just don't advertise who they are.

Most of them appear to be smarter than your average bear but then when you get into an in depth discussion with them things come out that make me wonder.....

But then again, I am an old-school anti-Semite and racist so my vision is fairly tunneled and black and white. There are not a lot of grey areas in my outlook on life or on reasons for living or dying or on the solutions needed to repair the problems that the November criminals have created for us for the last hundred and fifty years.

There is one guy I know who like me is a racist but unlike me he is young and full of devious ideas on how to fix the problems of white people around the world. While these ideas might work, trickery and sleight-of-hand is what got us where we are today.

With the banksters robbing us blind and the politicians selling our beloved country off to line their own pockets. So I am not a big fan of using tactics that I find disgusting on someone else. Even these assholes.

Now while I understand that violence is not the answer to our problems, I do believe a more frontal approach would give at least me more satisfaction. It's okay to use sneakiness to get to a point where your victory is guaranteed but then I believe there should be no doubt in your opponents' mind of what your endgame is. And he should be aware of it long enough for you to enjoy the terror on his face as he realizes that his coup has failed.

I could be wrong, but after all this is just my opinion on the subject.

Now I used to take this fellow more seriously until he told me that he was a great admirer of the buffoon Winston Churchill. Then he just lost a lot of his credibility in my opinion.

Now another fellow is a great end-of-civilization guy so he is collecting bean sprouts and tomato seeds and buying fancy containers to keep all of his goodies safe after the collapse of civilization. He is going to dig in on a little plot of land with his family and grow his garden and live happily in one place with his seeds and plants.

Now he might be right. I hope to God that he is. But I doubt it. You have too many people like me around to whom violence is their second nature. They are not going to be in one place growing a garden or trying to have a place you can call home.

They are going to be stalking the sheeple, popping them in the head while they are out tilling their garden, making jerky out of them, eating their lettuce and tomatoes and then going on their way.

Now the sheeple might bunch together for protection as sheeple are wont to do but unless they have some wolves in their midst to watch over them while they are out tilling the soil, I just don't see them surviving very long.

I know, they talk a hell of a game about being able to defend themselves but after all they are only sheeple so violence is not in them naturally. That is why the are hoping now that they would be safe in the future with their bean sprouts and garden seeds living in one place. I just don't think that will be a good, viable option. Not with crazies wandering around looking for targets of opportunity. And even temporarily grouping together to overtake a larger sheeple settlement if need be. Then dispersing once again to go off to their own devices. Or killing each other on the spot to obtain more of their ill gotten gain.

People become sheeple because of their fear of pain and hardship. They think that living peacefully in a little community will keep them safe. But we are talking about the collapse of civilization here so I don't believe survival over the long term will happen unless you are nomadic. And violent.

And if these sheeple are right and all of the animals magically disappear from the earth with the collapse of civilization (I don't understand why that would happen but that is their story) you will also have to become cannibalistic. Unless you want to live on bean sprouts and lintels. For me. That is just not an option.

So there you have it. As always, I could be wrong but I have usually been good at judging human nature and I don't think that we are nearly as domesticated as the pacifists and liberals would like to think. I think that with no restraints most of us will revert back to our baser instincts and you see very few predators that live happily together in one place. And I don't care how many vegetables you force yourself to eat, you are still an omnivore and when things get really tough, I think that you will eat your own young. And if you won't.... someone else will come along and do it for you.

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