10 July 2011


I frequent the World Wide Web to try to glean out what is actually going on in the world today as the mainstream news media is about as informative as an Aesop's Fable but not nearly as entertaining. I dig out some rather amazing stuff every now and then. Such as, I just was reading a study where the white race is going into the single digits of the world population by 2040.

I find this impossible to believe as I don't know what percentage of the world's population it takes to feed, clothe and medicate the rest of the world but whenever we fall below that percentage, our race starts gaining percentages by leaps and bounds.

I guess the people who did this study don't realize that the only reason for the turnaround is because we started mothering the rest of the world so they are healthier and feel better and have more time for breeding and since we feed their children more of them are also surviving.

So as soon as our numbers are minimal enough that we begin only taking care of ourselves, no matter how few we are at that time, we do start gaining ground. God has kind of seen to it that unless we breed ourselves out of existence through miscegenation, there is no way to genocide us. I'm sorry colored folks, both black and brown. But we are not going away.

So even though you are hearing daily, "Hooray when the entire world becomes brown!" The people spewing this are just surrendering to wishful thinking.

No doubt we might have to survive the squalor of the third world just as the people in all of our major cities are doing now. Because the lure of Jew gold around the world has any people in political power in it's grip.

But just as happened at the turn of the last century when they finally got control of Russia and starved twenty million Ukrainians to death by taking the Ukraine's crop production for themselves to grow fat on, their grip on Russia started immediately to collapse. Only a continual bloodbath held it together for as long as it did.

But look at Russia today. It's white. It's mostly free of Jewish freeloaders. And right now it's smart enough to not be letting the third world come flooding across it's borders. So despite their best efforts, the Jew tribe failed once again.

Then, when they had a death grip on Germany after WWI, along came the National Socialists and they could see right through the chicanery being foisted on their beloved country by the Jewish bankers and sleaze brokers. But in five short years they turned it around a hundred percent.

I can't argue that the German people are still paying for having the audacity to confront the Jewish tribe for what they were, thieves, cheats, liars, and swindlers. But that to will come to an eventual end because the only power the Jews have is the United States government but it is crumbling with traitorous decay even as I am writing this blog.

With the collapse of the United States government , so goes the power of Israel and the Jews and I believe that Muhammad and his billions of nutso warriors are just waiting to be able to give some well deserved payback to their hook-nosed brethren in the region.

But in the end, there will be a little group of white people here and a little group of white people there who know how to feed themselves and defend themselves and as the centuries roll by, guess who will be traveling the world, conquering the elements and repopulating the world? It won't be Negroes. It surely won't be the Mexicans. The east Indians will be too busy hugging their cows and the Orientals will still be over there fighting among themselves.

White people will be building crap to float around on and once again we will be going out and about just to see what the hell is out there for us to grab on to and use it for the betterment of our people.

Just as surely as the Jew will be laying under his rock waiting for someone to come up with some form of easy living so he can come out and start cheating them out of it, white people will roam the earth and tame it down to benefit their own survival.

And the cycle will begin again and hopefully next time we will be smarter when dealing with the third world... if there is a third world next time around. So even though we might be in for some hard times between now and then, in the end we are still white and we always win.

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