03 July 2011


How many of you people who read this are on Facebook? I am on Facebook for the third time. I was eighty-sixed off of there twice because of my avatar and my views on Jews and Israel. So now I am just kind of lurking in the shadows with an email address that I established especially for Facebook and any opinions that I put out there are very weak sister with not much meat on them. Because the big hook-nosed people who own and monitor Facebook, Google, Yahoo and Youtube don't want anything naughty or truthful said about their tribe.

But this time I have noticed that they have changed Facebook somehow so the home page with your friends on it is like a one sided telephone conversation. You get your friends' comments but if the other person isn't your friend, you have no idea what the hell they said. If your friends happen to just make a statement, you get the whole story. But if one of their friends made the statement and your friend just commented... too bad for you. You don't know what the hell the story was, nor can you voice your opinion, no matter how interesting it seems to be.

Now maybe I am just a dummy that doesn't know how to actually run Facebook. If that is the case, I hope some of you will make a comment and tell me where I can go to get Facebook running lessons because the way it is now, Facebook just pisses me off.

Another thing that I enjoy the hell out of, is when I download something that I want to try, if I am not real careful I will end up with a Google tool bar. Or a Bing tool bar. Or a Yahoo tool bar.

The only toolbar that I would ever download would have to have a name like, "Screw A Jew Toolbar." Or an "Israel Sucks Donkey Balls Toolbar" Then I would download it because it would probably be something that I could use or at least enjoy. And at the very least, it would make me laugh.

Another one that I'm not sure that I'm completely rid of yet is; Norton Anti-virus. If you buy a new laptop, it comes with free Norton anti-virus and if you happen to be foolish enough not to eject it immediately, you will be charged annually for this deluxe program. Year, after year, after year. And there is no damn way on their website to shut it down. In fact, if you are not real careful on there you will automatically upgrade to an even more expensive edition of Norton anti-virus than you own now.

I had to cancel a credit card and hopefully that stopped them. I can't say for sure as the last year that they stole from me is not up yet. I have never used their anti-virus on purpose. But I did screw up and purchased an annual subscription with a new laptop one time.

I use AVG free anti-virus. It has always seemed to work really well and it keeps all of the viruses away but when you go to get it if you are not really careful, you will download the fifty dollar edition and it will just scan your computer and tell you that it will fix all of your threats for a measly fifty dollars. Then you have to get rid of this fifty dollar edition completely before you install the free edition or AVG will still want it's fifty dollars.

It's all about trickery, folks. How can you be tricked out of the little bit of money that your government allows you to keep. No one, any more comes straight at you for your money. Unless it happens to be one of these third world thugs that we are forced to live among. There is no doubt that they want your money, your chastity and possibly your life when they approach you.

But when people are trying to separate you from your wealth and they don't want to end up in jail, they have to figure out a way to trick you out of it.

Even the government is not satisfied with the sixty percent that they just steal from you right up front. They come up with these outrageous fines for anything they can think of to get more of the pittance that they let you think you got to keep for yourself.

The Jews charge food companies a kosher tax to make their product Jew friendly and ten million gentiles then have to pay the Jew tax to get that food for themselves. Even if, like me, they don't give a rat's ass about the well being or survival of the Jews.

Game and Fish departments sell you a hunting license, or a fishing license. Both priced well above their actual value. But then, that's not good enough. In order to get the license you want, you have to buy a conservation stamp. Whether you want to conserve crap or not you have to buy the stamp!

What the hell? I thought we had at least a wee bit of freedom of choice. Besides either do their bidding or don't go hunting or fishing. And on top of that, they want you to turn in poachers! Not in this lifetime. I would help a poacher load his kill in his tuck if I thought that I wouldn't get in trouble for it.

There are hundreds of more things out there tricking you out of your hard earned money. These are just a few of the ones that have gotten me and I'm sure some of you in recent years.

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