31 July 2011


I had a blog all written about the Norway shooter, but my take was a lot different than everyone else's apparently was so I will date it, put it on the back burner and maybe put it out sometime in the future when both sides get tired of blaming each other for this fellow's reasons for blowing ninety people away.

It amazes me that he was either a rabid Christian or a Zionist Jew lover. Couldn't it possibly have been that he was just having a bad hair day? Or maybe he had a hangnail in his cuticle. Or maybe his girlfriend/boyfriend had sassed him.

Or maybe he was tired of his traitorous government importing Muslims to rob, rape and kill his Norwegian brethren and sistren so he just had a little tantrum.

I mean that Monday morning quarter backing can take you anywhere you want to go. Here are some more maybes. Maybe his gout was acting up and the pain just drove him crazy. Maybe these kids made fun of him at school and stole his lunch money. No, I guess that wouldn't be it. They were the wrong color to be acting like that.

Maybe his Mom spanked him for using bad words. Maybe his Dad locked him in the tool shed with no supper. Maybe he seen a John Wayne movie with all of those endless shooting six-shooters that you never have to reload.

It could have been like at Amityville, and his dog told him to do it. Perhaps someone ought to question that dog! He could have mistaken them for zombies that were trying to catch him and eat his brain.

Maybe he thought that island was the island of Dr. Moreau and we all know how mean those hybrid animals were. How do you know that in his evidently feverish brain that he was just not defending himself from something more horrible than all of these major media news people have been able to imagine so far?

In fact, maybe the major news media coaxed him into doing it so they would have something to write about and speculate on for the next three months while western civilization is sliding unnoticed into oblivion. You know a distraction for the gullible masses. Just a sleight-of-hand operation to cover up the real problems of the world.

Are you tired of me speculating yet? Probably not since you keep all of your news sources running day and night spewing forth speculation, just like I am doing. So let me continue.

Maybe he was just trying to commit suicide. He might have thought that if he started shooting people that they would catch him and kill him but after killing ninety plus people, he was running out of ammo so he figured that he had better just shoot himself because no one on the island was going to do it for him. Because he might have wanted to go to heaven or Israel and I think if you commit suicide by your own hand these options are no longer available to you.

Or, perhaps, like Tim McVeigh, he read "The Turner Diaries" and it made him just "mad dog" crazy because fictional novels about overthrowing traitorous governments always does that to patriotic people. Anyone knows that.

It could possibly have been something as simple as he was just bound up and needed an enema so he would no longer be so cranky. Or maybe he had just had his urethra scraped and it was really hurting him and just made him crazy.

See? I am just as good or possibly much better at speculation than your mainstream media. So the next time some atrocity happens that needs speculating on, remember this blog and come here first. Because my speculations are just as realistic as theirs. Perhaps more so. Plus I give you a lot bigger variety of speculations rather than he was a Zionist Jew lover or a crazy right wing Christian. Those two excuses are sooo worn out from over use.

Probably the guy had never been inside a church and he wouldn't know a Jew unless he noticed the bag of Jew gold hanging around his neck. It's just funny to me that when anyone goes nutso and does something horrible, the news media comes out with, "He was a gun slinging right wing Christian conservative." Then the other side immediately answers with, "This nut was a left wing liberal communist Jew lover." So then you, the dullards that they keep baffled with bullshit, never have any idea of why something actually happened.

Well, after reading this, you should at least have a better understanding than most folks out there because you have a lot more options to choose from as to why some nondescript guy in Norway shot and killed ninety people. And if I really wanted to put my mind to it I could probably come up with that many more reasons. In fact, if I knew how to spell some bigger, more complex words and then if you would be smart enough to understand them when you read them, I bet we could come up with three... even four times as many reasons!

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