24 July 2011


This one is for all of you boys and men who appear to be transgenders. At least to me.

If one earring makes you a half of a fag, does two earrings make you a whole fag? I would say probably yes. Any other jewelry on or in your face just clinches this very fact. If you think it looks cool or makes you look tough, it doesn't. It actually makes you look like a queer, retarded, darkie.

The same thing goes for those giant, silk shorts that you are fond of wearing. I bet you really wish it was a silk skirt, which is what it resembles. If the truth be known they probably match your little silk panties that you are wearing underneath of your giant silk shorts. Once again, it doesn't make you look cool or tough. It just makes you look more like a queer, retarded, darkie.

Then, if your giant, silk shorts are in the laundry and you wear your long pants... why are they big enough to fit your whole family? Is there a purpose to buying, or probably stealing pants big enough to fit the Jolly Green Giant, to use for yourself? Do you need them that large because you have a garbage bag in there that you just take a crap in because you are like a dog and can't control yourself and you don't want to carry a "pooper scooper" around with you everywhere that you go. Is that why sometimes they are hanging below your butt cheeks? Because they are so full of crap that you can't keep them pulled up? With you in them, I would probably say that, that is a given.

If you wear a cap, and the bill of it points to the right or the left or maybe even backwards, I think that this is a secret signal to the other transgenders and queers out there. Probably pointing left means that you have a steady boyfriend so you are not to be hit on. Pointing to the right however probably means that you are in the market for a new boyfriend. And if it is pointing to the rear..... well.... that is pretty much self explanatory.

And why can't you wear shoes like regular people? Would it be because your feet are really hot and need the breeze to blow on them? Or is it because they really stink and the fresh air keeps the smell down? If that is the case, maybe you should try a little soap and water instead. Or do you just want the "open toes" to show off your new silk stockings and painted toenails? That would be my best guess. You couldn't possibly be too lazy to put on regular shoes instead of your sandals, that would just be.... ridiculous.

Then, to top off your transgender appearance, you let your scraggly hair hang down to your shoulders. Or maybe, when you are having a bad hair day, you put it up in a pony tail. Even though you have lost all of the hair on the top of your head, you still let what you have left hang down in a matted, smelly, mess. Or maybe in a giant pigtail like a Chinaman.

And all of this is for what? To improve your "girlie" appearance? To make you look more like the black or brown retards that you are struggling to emulate? Maybe a little burnt cork on your face would do more for you if being a wigger is your ultimate goal.

When I see you out in public, whether you are a young boy or a doddering old man, I just think to my self that you must be a fudge-packing queer who just hasn't quite come up with the gumption to come out of the closet.... yet.

Because if you are doing this because you think that it makes you look "tough", well, you are wrong. It just makes you appear to be an unkempt faggot who stole his clothes off of a retarded darkie's clothes line. While the jewelry all over your head makes you look like you fell into someone's tackle box, face first.

Because no matter how many unnecessary holes you poke into your body to hang little dangley things out of. No matter how big of a pair of giant silk shorts you can find to parade around in. No matter how baggy your pants can get. No matter how scruffy you try to make yourself look. And finally, no matter how many little pig tails you can manage to weave into your long, matted hair.

You are still just a faggy looking little Nancy boy who is trying to get his Mommy's attention. Maybe so she would give you a sugar tit or let you sit on her lap for awhile. So you think if you dress this way, no one will suspect what you are really up to. But the jig is up. Go call your Mommy on the phone and have her come and get you and take you home and tuck you into your little pink bed.

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