19 June 2011


I know that this is going to seem a little repetitive and maybe it is but I saw something the other day that made me realize that if you are NOT a racist you have to be a really stupid person. I don't give a rat's ass what color or creed you are.

Anyone who follows the Jewish antics knows who Gilad Atzmon is. But for you uninformed out there I will explain. He is a Jew. One of the seven or eight good Jews that inhabit this planet. He plays jazz on a saxophone so you might be aware of him that way if you listen to jazz. Which I don't.

But this guy keeps track of what his fellow Jews are up to in Israel and elsewhere around the world. Well, he had this video on his website and a reporter was interviewing an old Jew somewhere. I am assuming it was at the recent treason fest called AIPAC. Anyway, he asked this old Jew if he (the old Jew) thought that he was more valuable than a Palestinian and he was outraged when the old Jew said, "Yes!" and the reporter called the old Jew "a beeping racist!"

It was at that moment that it struck me that unless you are totally retarded you are a racist. If that old Jew would have said "no." Someone should have slapped the hell out of him for being stupid.

I can't think of anyone on the planet unless he was a damn lying, white politician traitor that would have answered that question any other way when asked if he thought that him and his race was more valuable than anyone else or their race. I bet if you were ready to remove his and the other guy's head with an axe depending on his answer he would get a thousand times more valuable in the wink of an eye.

Now you people know me and know that I am no fan of the Jew but even I understand that a Jew should believe that himself and other Jews are wonderful. This should be an iron clad fact of any person of any race when asked who he thinks is more valuable and if he has the audacity to lie and say the other race is better, just use the test above and he will be spewing the truth before you get through running your thumb down the blade of the axe to see how sharp it is. I guarantee it.

This axe test can be applied to anyone, anywhere and it will get truthful results. But, on the chance that it doesn't get the truth out of your test subject, it WILL eliminate one of the biggest liars that God ever wobbled guts in.

So it is a win win test and it will work not only on checking the status of a person's racism, but you could also use it to test people to see how valuable they actually believe anything is that they claim to love and tolerate. Like sodomites, miscegenation, and other perversions that they claim to have no problem with.

You could even use it in divorce court. When a man or a woman applies for a divorce just bring out the axe and see if he/she wants to separate bad enough for the other person's head to be removed. Although in this situation you might have to actually use the axe, more often than not.

Since "diversity" is not the redeeming value of anything except the collapse of great empires since the beginning of time due to interbreeding between Aryans and the indigenous populations or in the United States' case with the previous slave population and the little brown smelly invaders coming in today until the remnant of the Aryans are as dumb, brown and smelly as the races they are mixing with.

Then the United States becomes Mexico, or Africa or India because if those people were as wonderful and as smart as we are, they wouldn't have to invade our countries to better themselves. Their countries would already be wonderful instead of giant black and brown outhouse smelling cesspools!

So if you think that you are not a racist and you are one of the many retards who claim to embrace diversity, I hope after reading this you will stop and consider your position realistically. Because when you decide that it is fine for your descendents to become brown or high yellow, then your descendents become hairless chimpanzees running around the destroyed cities of the former United States of America. Now isn't that a fine heritage that you left for them? Nothing like your founding fathers left for you to enjoy. I hope you are very proud and get to rot in hell for eternity for what you have helped to accomplish.

* Now this has little to do with this particular blog but I wanted to relate this to you before it died of loneliness in my head. I have always been an avid reader. While I enjoy fiction, especially humorous fiction my true interest has always leaned toward non-fiction.

I am kind of old and rickety now and I am reading a book that has been around my entire life but I never bothered to read it because everything that I ever heard or read about this particular book said that it was impossible to understand as it was just the endless ramblings of a lunatic. So rather than aggravate myself trying to understand the ravings of a crazy person, I just never read it.

But then a copy fell into my hands and it laid around until I had nothing to read one day so I picked it up and began reading. Let me tell you now that it is nothing but a page turner. It is very interesting and still just as relevant today as it was eighty years ago when it was written. It should be required reading for every person of European descent in the world.

Now the reason that I didn't tell you the name of the book up front is because most of you closed minded sissies would have lost interest the second I named the book. This way, maybe I have made a chink in your stupidity armor and you might give it a try. At least you can never unremember what you have already been told here. The name of the book is Mein Kampf by Adolf Hitler. It is a hell of an educational read. Give it a chance, you will be amazed!

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