05 June 2011


What do you think of when someone says, "supremacist". Probably, without a doubt, you think white racist or Klan, or Nazi or maybe even just Randall. At least in my case you would be right because I am a white racist. But have you ever wondered why anything to do with even hinting that the white race might be superior at anything just brings out the mad dog hatred in people?

The only two organizations in the modern world that advocates for the rights of white people, the Klan and the Nazis, are both demonized beyond belief. All kinds of evil stories are fabricated about them endlessly and no one seems to be interested even slightly in what the truth might be.

What has the white race ever done to anyone to make them so hated? Don't say slavery because every race in the world has embraced slavery at one time or another and in one form or another. With most of them being a lot more horrific than what we ever did.

It has to be something else. Is it fear of us? Outside of our government taking it upon themselves to murder Arabs for Israel, as a race, we are mostly peaceful. It might be envy, but then if you admit to that, the supremacy thing comes into play.

In my humble opinion, I think that it is envy and I do think that as a race we are superior to all other races. I'm not even sorry that I think that and you surely can't deny it and keep a straight face.

If we are not superior, why does every other race in the world try sneaking into white nations no matter what the cost? You don't see us moving en masse to Mexico, or Africa, or India. But you sure as hell see them coming here by any means that they can. All the while pissing and moaning about how terrible we are and how horribly we mistreat them.

What??? We didn't go to their country to bother them because their country is just a sorry, disease infested famine pit.

But we are not superior to them? In whose mind? I have said this before but it bears repeating. If we were to trade them countries, straight across, in ten years or less they would have run this country into the garbage pile and be trying to sneak in on us again.

And it's not only the United States. It's all of Europe and Canada. The only exception is Russia and their run in with the Jewish Bolsheviks is still pretty fresh in their history so they are not falling for the, "everyone is the same." Crap. Yet.

We are the most hated people in the world but yet the entire world comes begging to our door whenever they get into any kind of trouble. They expect us to give them mountains of money even though we are broke and have to borrow every cent that we give them. All the while our own sick and staving can just go to hell as far as our own government is concerned. Unless they happen to be the right color. And the right color sure as hell is not white!

So what's the solution? In my mind secession is the only solution. Each state that doesn't want to be part of the Jewish controlled northeast regime should secede. Pass it's own laws, print it's own money and form alliances with like-minded states. Then what's left of the regime can pay it's own twenty trillion dollar debt. After all, they are the ones that made it. The regime can have it's illegal Mexicans and Somalians and whatever else it sees fit without expecting the rest of us to pay for their stupidity.

Hell, they could even give money to the newly seceded states since they like giving it to anyone who asks for no apparent reason as long as they are not white or American. Maybe they could end up having two Negro presidents and be forty trillion dollars in debt if they tried really hard.

So speaking just for me, personally. I've said it once and I'll say it again. I am a supremacist. I am a racist. I am an anti Semite. I am a homophobe. I am a bigot and no amount of political correctness or brainwashing is ever going to change this. You might catch me and torture me and I'll say that I've changed. But the second I get out of your grasp, I am right back where I was and really the only thing that you can ever do to stop it is to kill me and with my dying breath, I will say, "Go to hell, you queer, Kike, Nigger loving Beaners!"

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