12 June 2011


Why is it that Mexicans think that they deserve to live with white people (whom they all profess to hate) in the United States instead of living with Mexicans in Mexico? Also, why do retarded white people agree with these refugees from the kingdom of refried beans?

It's not like these brown ne'er do wells bring anything of value to the table unless you count the greenhouse gasses they expel from eating all of those refried beans. And why would anyone fry beans one time, let alone refry them? I thought that you were supposed to boil them until they were eatable.

They sound like a bunch of magpies squawking around the store as they run up and down the aisles looking for refried beans to feed their little anchor babies who they just happened to drop out north of the Rio Grande once they got their backs wet crossing it, totally unaware that they were about to drop a deuce and call it a little bambino.

Surprise, surprise, surprise! Looky there! Now they not only have another mouth to feed but they have a reason to bitch if someone should want to send them back where they came from. Because, don't you know, that little brown tyke is an American! Christ! He looks just like the founding fathers!

Oh. Wait a minute. I guess that it might be more the color of river mud than the color of the founding fathers. On top of that it probably has the IQ of a wombat. That is if the wombat had just had a head on with an oak tree and had a major concussion.

These short, fat, smelly people come traipsing through the Rio Grande looking for..... what? Handouts. Free medical care. Free schooling. Free American taxpayer money. If they were looking for jobs, it looks like they could stay home and get jobs fixing up their own shithole of a country instead of turning our country into a shithole.

I don't mind helping folks out if they are citizens of the United States, white, rednecks who have no respect for off breed people. I will give them the shirt off of my back, if they need it. But unlike the politicians who are supposedly representing me, who I never voted for, by the way. I do not think that I need to supply starving humans who are not smart enough to feed themselves with anything. They grow a garden, they eat. They catch a slow moving neighbor they eat. It's not rocket science folks.

Also, unlike the people supposedly representing all of us, I don't feel responsible for providing shelter, health care or education for these animals who just can't wait to rip off the little white hand that is feeding them. As far as I'm concerned they can "whither on the vine" in their own country until they figure out how to fend for themselves. Then they can continue to stay home and do whatever they want to do. To each other, not us.

If this sounds harsh to you, it is not. If we had left them alone in the first place they would not be multiplying like nymphomaniac rabbits and their numbers would be more manageable. More help by us just means more breeding by them and the problem keeps growing exponentially. What about that is so tough for you to get through your thick head?

Even I, an uneducated redneck piece of white trash can figure this out. But you, with your twenty years of college, looking down on me from your lofty perch like I am a piece of dog crap, can't comprehend this simple equation? What in the hell did they teach you in thirty-two years of school? Besides how to love a Negro and maybe let a sodomite test drive you out at a drunken frat party?

You educated city folks piss me off just as much as I aggravate you. As the old saying goes, "You couldn't pour piss out of a boot with the instructions written on the heel." Luckily, you seem to love each other's company enough that you stay together in these massive herds so you can reinforce each other on how intelligent and enlightened you are.

Also, luckily, these third worlders you want to import into my beloved country understand that the stupidity that allows them to be here is located in these huge metropolitan areas so that is where they dwell also. Knowing that they can rob, rape and kill without much chance of any of you dumb sissies hurting them.

Your sons and daughters can intermarry with them and produce another inferior race of mutt people who will need the white part of their heritage to mother and nurse them and keep them from starving or freezing to death so they can lay around and breed and produce more useless flesh to be fed and taken care of by someone white.

How long does this go on until you wake up and say, "Wow. This is really stupid!"

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