26 June 2011


I have nothing for you this week. So in my doldrums I have been thinking. Maybe the Aryan race has run it's course. Maybe, like the dinosaur, it is our time to fade away and become a part of history. But, of course, with our demise, so goes the demise of civilization, recorded history and eventually all of humanity.

I don't mean to be a downer but everyone hates us. Most of us even hate ourselves and applaud the end of our race no matter whether we are slaughtered out of existence or just slowly browned out by the various subspecies that are being allowed to invade every Aryan country on the planet.

United we are an unstoppable force. But we are no longer united. We have allowed a parasitic race into our midst and they have been sucking our life's blood away and separating us from each other through envy and status ever since. We regard each other with suspicion and mistrust. This alien parasite has managed it's survival by pitting one of it's enemies against another for thousands of years. While they sit on the sidelines and cheer for both sides and when a victor becomes obvious, they just ooze over to that side as though they have always been there.

Then they start the destruction of the victor by dividing the units of the race and bringing in sub humans to dilute the blood until it becomes manageable for this group of parasites. They have done this over and over again throughout the centuries until even the dimmest of their hosts started seeing that these parasites were out to destroy the entire race. Not just the ones that the dimmies wanted destroyed.

These parasites situate themselves until they control every aspect of the hosts' information sources so the hosts know only the parasites' version of the current events or even the past history of the hosts themselves.

The parasites have even been able to stop the hosts' religious holidays while promoting the days that the parasites revere themselves and their satanic icons.

Through stolen gold and false flattery, the parasites insinuate themselves into the hosts' government until the government is just another arm of the parasites' control over the masses which the parasites are sucking the life from.

Then, as a final insult, the parasites gain control of the hosts' religious centers and leaders. Once again by using the lure of gold and flattery. The parasites are allowed to retranslate even the Bible so it portrays the parasites as the chosen people of the God of the hosts that they are trying to push into oblivion.

The stupidity of this is that the parasites do not even believe in an afterlife or a God. In their minds, they are the God and everyone should be bowing down and serving them.

This is the goal that they are working toward and have been since the beginning of time. The one thing that has always halted this damnable event from happening has been the Aryan race. But now it appears that the parasite might finally be winning his endless war against God and the Aryans. I think another way to put this is that maybe the Satanic Rebellion is finally going to win.

This is what the parasites would like you to think! But I have read the last chapter in the book and the parasites don't get to win. They have had us at the door of extinction many times and when only a very few of us were left that even cared, we somehow managed to rear up and knock the snot out of them and put them and their chicanery back to the starting gate. If not us, our sons and daughters will do it in the next generation.

We can't lose! It's not in our nature. No matter how badly we are out manned or out gunned, we always win. Much to the consternation of these parasites and their little black and brown co conspirators.

The Aryan race is like a giant elephant. It will let you prod and poke it. It will do tricks for you and let you think that you have the control. It will let you ride it and it will do all of your heavy lifting without a complaint. Until.... one day..... it will finally have enough. You have tortured and abused it until the big old elephant can stand no more. Then, what happens? It rears up on it's hind legs and in an instant you are ground into the dust under it's big feet. You are gone, if not totally destroyed, it is going to be an eternity before you are healed up enough to torture the elephant again.

And what does the elephant do after your destruction? It goes back to eating it's grass and minding it's own business. Just as it was doing when you first came across it and thought that you would destroy it.

So you parasites and your little off breed helpers should remember. Just because something is really docile naturally, does not mean that it will let you come and use it to death. Sooner or later, you will have to pay for your evil deviousness and arrogance.

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