08 May 2011


For months now and more likely for years, I have tried to reveal to you who is running your country. It's not you. In your lifetime your country has been under an occupied government. You have never known the luxury of self government nor are you ever likely to. And it appears now that your children and grandchildren will be "browned out" before they can ever repair the mess that you and your parents and their parents have put them into.

Because you wanted to be safe. You wanted to be comfortable. You wanted to be loved. You wanted to be perverted. So you spent your life looking the other way. As the men and boys of your generations were turned into little prancing sissies. And the girls and women of your generations were turned into brassy, loud, obnoxious wannabe men.

You have allowed your children to be educated and raised by the state. So they have become drug addicts at the age of five or six and dyed in the wool sodomites by the age of seven or eight. So wonderful was their state controlled education that after twelve to fourteen years they graduated from high school or college and can't even read their own diplomas. But they sure don't feel bad about themselves. Because that was never introduced into their curriculum.

The politicians that you are allowed to vote for are pre chosen for you. Not because they are the best and the brightest but because they are not. They are greedy, self indulgent sycophants who worship power, money and themselves. That is why they are chosen for you to vote for.

You work seven days a week and get to keep the profits of two of those days for yourself while the rest of your productivity goes to supporting these self indulgent perverts and the puppet masters who run them.

You can't afford to go to a doctor. You can't afford gasoline for your car. You sure as hell can't afford to have children unless you want the state to raise them for you.

But these people you elected can afford to travel the world. On a daily basis. They can go to the best medical centers. For free. They can afford to go out on the town, nightly. And they take month long vacations whenever they are feeling bored. And after only a couple of years they can retire. With a hundred percent of their pay, a hundred percent of their medical benefits and free travel for the rest of their lives. For themselves and all of their family members!

What a deal! You get to live out your days in squalor under a bridge with a blankie and a blue tarp while they bitch about you even thinking you deserve your Social Security and Medicare. You sure as shit didn't earn it. Only working seven days a week for sixty years! Who in the hell do you think that you are? And why in the hell didn't you do a little investing and saving for your old age? You knew it was coming. How in the hell dumb are you? You had earnings from two of your days a week that you just squandered away on crap like food and rent and clothing.

And now, after a lifetime of squandering the money you got to keep from your earnings you expect the politicians and the banker Jews who own them to take the food out of their mouths and take care of you? Are you senile? You should feel damn lucky that they don't just euthanize you and get you to hell out of their way. They are trying to do important shit, don't you know? While here you are wasting their time complaining about the entitlements that they are giving you right out of their own pockets while you just greedily whine for more, more, more.

Do you expect the elites that are in politics to just stop the treason they are performing daily against the country you and your ancestors have spent generations fighting and dying for and worry about your well being? You are old. You are useless and you are weak and easily bullied so they are no longer afraid of your ability to retaliate against the likes of them.

Don't you understand that they are strong and brave in spite of the fact that they ran to Canada so that they didn't have to go to war. They now all claim that they did go to war and fought bravely and each one earned several purple hearts and bronze stars and medals of valor while you sit there and complain that your veteran's disability payment is too small. You should have been carrying your own medical insurance if you were dumb enough to volunteer or be drafted and actually go to war.

You old, bald headed senile piece of crap. Get out of their way. You move too slow and you are too greedy. Not only that, you are a Christian who still believes in God, for crying out loud! You bother to stand up and put your hand over your heart when the flag goes by? How in the hell could you be more gullible?

If you don't stop complaining and trying to cause trouble for your betters who walk the halls of Congress and the Supreme Court, something will have to be done. The New World Order and One World Government is coming whether you like it or not. It will be ran out of Israel and there is nothing that you can any longer do about it. You are too old, too, tired and too sickly. So just get over it and die! Already!

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Anonymous said...

Hit the nail on the head..I must be smart (because I get it!)