22 May 2011


It has come to my attention that you may not know where the black savage originated. Well, I will be delighted to enlighten you. But we are going to have to go backwards for a little bit to get where we want to end up.

Remember just a couple of weeks ago when I revealed how Eve got into trouble and the snake ended up getting blamed for it? Now, do you recall the fellow that actually caused the problem? If you don't, you are just going to have to go back and rediscover that particular blog.

Now that was the easy part. Can you now recall that quite a while back I had a detractor over on Stormfront who admitted to being a black Jew. And, of course, I was horrified that anyone should come into the world with that many disabilities and such horrific ones on top of that. So I apologized to him from all of us normal people that he should have been burdened with two such perversions of nature to live with throughout his life.

I'll admit, looking back, that that might have been a little presumptuous of me to apologize for all of us but it is long since done so there is nothing that I can do to fix it now.

Now it is common knowledge that the Jewish race crawled out of the slime from the bowels of hell to be a scourge upon the face of the earth. So they could cause hardship and misery to the folks created in God's image to walk upon the earth. They are the parasitic worms that infect the healthy societies of the western world. That is why Satan allowed them to escape. So they could cause hate and discontent between everyone who walked the earth.

But then Satan saw that they were so perverted with their lust for sodomy and self abuse that they could never increase their numbers enough to become a threat to the wonderful, white race.

So from the rotted feces of these despicable parasites Satan formed some creatures who called themselves "black Jews". A fine example of one of these creatures was Sammy Davis Jr. Remember that one eye that was always staring toward Heaven wishfully? But his other evil eye was always watching for weaknesses in the white folks who let him hang around as a token to the black Jews Society.

These black Jews performing their sodomy on each other created the black race. Who's only proclivity is creating more Negroes at an astounding rate. Satan believes that is the only way to overcome God's white race is by engulfing God's planet with this cesspool of black ignoramuses so eventually they will just overwhelm the world with stupidity and perversion.

I didn't mean for this to end up as a sermon for some preacher to steal and use it Sunday morning from his pulpit when he was too lazy to write his own sermon or probably just wasn't as knowledgeable as I appear to be about what has escaped from the bowels of hell.

So now you know. You are almost as smart as I am. Satan, trying to get back at God for casting him into hell, let the Jews crawl out of the slime and walk upon the earth to cover the earth with misery and perversion. Then, out of their bowels, when they defecated upon the earth came the black Jew, and finally, from their bowels, came the Negroes whose only accomplishment since their disgusting origin is producing more Negroes.

You might wonder why you didn't already know this information and I am going to tell you. It did not come from the Bible. It did not come from the Torah. It did not come from the Quran. It came from the Dead Sea Scrolls.

The same linguist who decoded the Book of Mormon decoded this information and gave it to me. He has since changed his name and moved to Elephant's Breath, Nebraska to hide from the Muslims because he also drew an unflattering likeness of Mohammad. So now if they locate him at his secret safe house at 421 East First Street in Elephant's Breath, they are going to saw off his head with a bow saw on live TV for everyone to see and be scared.

So try not to be cranky at me because I am just the messenger who related the story to you. It's not my fault that it is such a terrible saga of lies and betrayals. But when you are dealing with those "J-word" people you just have to expect the worst case scenario. That way you will never be disappointed.

Far be it from to to go around causing trouble for people or even talking bad about them. My only exceptions to this rule are: Jews, queers, Mexicans and Negroes. But no matter what I can come up with about these particular groups, the truth is far worse than anything that my innocent mind can dream up.

After all, I am just a poor, uneducated redneck piece of white trash according to most of you people. Which, by the way, makes me proud as punch. And just so you don't forget, I am also a racist, anti-Semite, bigot, homophobe. Which also makes me proud as punch. If I have forgotten anything here that you hate about me, please let me know so I can add it to my list of things that I am proud of. Because the longer that list becomes it just shows how much like you that I am NOT! And that makes me prouder yet!

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