29 May 2011


The other day as I was browsing..... did you know before the internet was invented, cows were the only things that went around browsing. But that is another story.

I notice that you people give anyone with celebrity status an awful lot of credit that they might also have some intelligence in those brain pans. You also give this same credit to public officials and politicians. Do you possibly think that this could be part of the reason that our country has become a backwater conglomerate of idiots of various colors and abilities?

With all of the above mentioned people screaming for "More diversity! More diversity!" while you just follow along saying, "they must be right, they are famous. And some of them are... oh so cute! And they dance and sing so well! And they have gobs and gobs of money! They have to be smarter than me."

You do realize that most of those people that you are worshipping didn't even finish high school? Until they offered to have unprotected sex with an old Jew who owned a studio, they were washing dishes and busing tables and singing on the corner for lose change.

These are the people you worship and trust their opinion on everything they bother to have an opinion about. Even though most of them couldn't name the vice president or even tell you the name of the county that they live in.

While a huge amount of the politicians went to college to become ambulance chasers. Nothing more, nothing less. But somewhere along the line, one of their Jew professors recognized their ability to baffle their brethren with bullshit so they pointed them in a new direction.... for world Jewry and Israel.

Why do you think that they would have any knowledge on how to run their own household, let alone a country. Their Mommies and Daddies have coddled and protected them from having any stress or hardship in their lives. What in the hell would they ever know about you and me?

They know how to have fun and drink scotch smoke dope and slap each other on the back and tell each other how wonderfully excellent they are. That is the extent of their experience with life. They know absolutely nothing about the job that you thought that you elected them to do.

They know how to spend your money. They know how to jet set around the world, on your money. They know how to hire whores and young boys... with your money. Then they use government attorneys to keep them out of trouble. All with your money.

Then.. When you realize that the stupid retard that you elected to represent you and your country is just a perverted money grubber so you kick him/her out of office.... they just go back home with their full pay, benefits and medical coverage and continue living their outrageous lifestyle until they die an old decrepit puddin' head all on your hard earned money.

Are you getting it yet? You elect imbeciles to run your country. You would be better off electing the local hobo who lives under the bridge. He is sure to be smarter than they are.

You also worship imbeciles. Because they can act, they can sing, they can wrestle or box or play football. Oooohh. What wonderfully smart people they must be. Ask their advice on anything. Look how informative they were after Katrina and Haiti and Japan. They just talked about everyone else's incompetence while insinuating that if they had been in charge these things would never have been allowed to happen.

They are just like the Jews don't you know? They are some more of God's chosen people. Like the Jews, I have no idea what God might choose them for unless it would be sturgeon weights or something else like that.

I know that you might not like what I say, but can you argue with the truthfulness of it? I think not. Unless you might also be an imbecile. In which case maybe you should get into politics.... or the movies. Or better yet you could all become organ donors. At least then you would have some value and your putrid life would be given meaning.

In case you haven't gotten the idea yet, you are giving the wrong people your love and trust. When will you understand that they are just using what you honor them with to better themselves at the cost of your well being and livelihood and your children's, and their children. I guess the Bible might be right where it says that the sins of the fathers will be visited on the children for ten generations.

I don't like to be the bearer of bad news but you people can't seem to give me any good news to work with. Damning your descendents for ten generations makes you a fairly sucky ancestor, I would say.

Turning the world into a place where your descendents will be the servants of Jews, Negroes and Mexicans. Oh what a wonderful human you have turned out to be!

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