15 May 2011


As proud as I am to call myself an American and I would never have it any different. But...... can we really be proud of the way that the Jews allow this country to be operated? I think not.

Like fighting humane wars. How do you do that? Since Truman ordered the bombing of Nagasaki and Hiroshima, The United States has not entered into a conflict that it has actually intended to win. The United States puts it's nose in other people's business, sends troops there to be slaughtered by the perceived enemy while telling our troops not to hurt anybody while they are there.

That is how we fight wars. And we put our nose into every uprising around the world. For our boys, and now our girls to go and end their lives for no apparent reason. Because it sure as hell is not for any American interests. In fact, it is against our interests. Because if we would bother to quit killing Arabs for Jews, gasoline would probably be four times cheaper than it is now. We would still have the twin towers. The Marines would not have been blown away in Lebanon. Americans would not have had their heads sawn off by crazy Arabs, if we would just quit murdering them just because the Jews want us to.

What has America ever gained by murdering Arabs for Jews? Nothing but Muslim enemies that had no business hating us and we had no business murdering them.

But there we are. All over the Middle East murdering Arabs for Israel. Paying four dollars a gallon for gas just so Jews in Israel can feel safe and comfortable and so that Jews in America will give our politicians money to be reelected and line their pockets with.

And every drop of the money and blood comes from the American taxpayer. In the form of their sons and daughters and the exorbitant taxes they are forced to pay out on a daily basis.

Three point seven billion dollars a year goes to Israel every year in the form of foreign aide. That is over one million dollars per Jew in Israel. Then, on top of that, all of the gallons of American blood that is shed in the sand over there killing Arabs for Israel. The trillions of dollars given to Jew bankers to pay for the planes, drones, bombs and bullets to kill those same Arabs.

Where is the benefit of this for the average American? True. He no longer has to worry about putting his dead son or daughter through college. He gets that free flag off of their coffin to cover up with as he lives out his old age under the local bridge. He can also hang their medals in a little frame on the wall until he has to sell them for a can of dog food so he doesn't starve to death.

Everyone is running around saying, "ooohhhh, we killed Osama!" Yeah. It only took ten years, ten thousand American lives and twenty trillion dollars. To kill an old geezer with bad kidneys who lived in a cave. Wow! That is REALLY something to be proud of.

And just to show you the efficiency of the mighty American military machine. It took two... yes I said two Navy Seal teams to accomplish this fearless act.

Now I'm not taking anything away from the Navy seal teams here, but don't you notice something? This happened in the middle of a mountainous desert, miles away from an ocean or any body of water for that matter. But the Pentagon, in it's wisdom, took two..... count 'em. Two.... Underwater Demolition Teams to kill an old geezer with bad kidneys in a cave, in the mountains, in the desert.

To me, that just seems weird. Were these Seal teams lost? Wandering around in the desert looking for some water to swim in? Or were they especially shipped in, from the nearest ocean, to do a job where there were hundreds of Special Ops teams already deployed and operating?

We all know that the term, "military intelligence" has always been a top oxymoron joke. Kind of the same as "Negro thrift" or "Jew loyalty" or "Mexican value" All are first order oxymorons.

Then that immediate burial at sea thing. What was that about? Remember Uday and Cusay? Sadam's sons. They paraded them around a week bragging about how they had put an end to them before they threw them in the dumpster. Why not Osama? Shouldn't they have been a thousand times prouder that they killed him since it seems that he was a thousand times harder to find and kill?

Why just sneak around and dump him in the Marianna Trench so no one could ever get a look at him, to make sure that it wasn't just the bearded lady from the local Barnum and Bailey Circus? They said they killed a woman too. Was that before or after they glued the beard on her?

I'm just saying. It seems more than a little suspicious to me. Especially since the black Mr. Magoo who we (I) call President Osambo Magoo supposedly had a hand in the operation. He can't even read a speech off of the teleprompter for Christ's sake! Let alone plan a coup like this supposedly was.

Were the Jews dancing in the street as they were caught doing when the twin towers came crashing to the ground? I never heard anything if they were and I have kept my ear to the ground listening. I guess we'll just have to wait and see.

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