01 May 2011


The other day I was having a conversation with a lady whom I consider to be a lot smarter than myself. A lot smarter than most people, as far as that goes. But she mentioned that a percentage, a fairly high percentage, of sheep were queer. I don't remember the exact number but for argument's sake let's say ten percent.

So one in ten sheep is a queer. I have no idea where this fact came from but I began to wonder, how.... in the hell..... do you know that a sheep is a queer? So, as bad as I hate to, I did some research on my own and discovered that ewes, that is the lady sheep, show no outward signs of being in season or whatever you want to call it. So, if this lady sheep is a queer, how do you know it? What do two lady sheep do to get it on together? And if a boy sheep is introduced into the mix do they just ignore him? Does he ignore them? If he does, is he a queer or just not horny at this time?

This lady brought this up, not so much to defend sodomites as to excuse them. I mean all mammals are the same, aren't they? So if sheep are ten percent queer, humans must be also. As well as all other mammals.

I think that quite possibly this information came from a research lab that was manned by queers and managed by Jews. There can be no other explanation for this weird research.

You might be wondering how in the hell did I come up with including the Jews into this. Well, I'm glad you asked.

A Jew. Named Franz Boaz, who was a Jew who graduated from geography school and got his doctorate in physics and then started teaching anthropology in the late 1800s and he taught anthropology for seventy years or more. In fact, he became the father of anthropology after brainwashing three or four generations of anthropology students while he had actually never studied anthropology in his life. He just made shit up that suited him and his tribe to teach to unsuspecting gentiles to get their mindset where it needed to be for the benefit of his tribe. That is why, today, anthropologists think that there is no such thing as race. A physicist with a geography major told them so.

Freud did the exact same thing with psychiatry and psychology. Even though he did not know shit about it he taught it by making stuff up until he became the father of psychiatry. Now maybe you can start seeing why the more educated gentile children are, the stupider they seem to get!

Jews have always done this kind of crap. And they get it accomplished by sticking together. Boaz or Freud wrote a book. Jew publishers published it and Jew advertisers bragged how wonderful it was and not a word was ever heard about the truth of it. That it was all just fabricated for the benefit of their tribe.

It just boils down to; all Jews are just scum sucking liars, money grubbers, parasites, cheats, grifters, sneaks, slavers, pornographers, instigators, trouble makers with not one ounce of honesty or compassion in the entire tribe. Their only redeeming value is....... is....... is....... oh. That's right. They have none.

They have done this with everything. Our own history has and is being rewritten by leaps and bounds so that we have only a shameful past with nothing to be proud of. While other races' histories are rewritten so they are the glorious people from the past.

Jews have always rewritten their own history to suit their needs. The Holohoax from WWII is a fine example of this. All anyone has to do is dig into the actual records made at the time of the event and the Jew history written about it crumbles apart.

Such as the great Jewish massacre at Babi Yar. Where, according to Jew history 43,000 Jews were machine gunned and buried in a canyon there. You can look on line and see dead folks all over, but they can't be from Babi Yar. Airal photographs from the days around this great massacre show nothing.... absolutely nothing going on at Babi Yar on the days of this fake Jew massacre. But not a soul ever brings it up or even questions it. So once again, "ooohhhh, ooohhh, poor poor pitiful Jews". Not! They are just a tribe of lying scumbags as they always have been since their beginning when they oozed out of the feces of hell to inhabit and corrupt the earth with the stench of their existence.

Now as you may or may not know, I am not a friend of the tribe called Jew. On my list of things to like, they come right between shitting and dying. I can't help it. I have an instinctual aversion to them that is akin to gagging when you try to eat a handful of maggots. Just looking at them creeps me out and I would cross the street rather than knowingly brush up against one of them. Any time that I pass a Synagogue or Jew graveyard, I spit disgustedly on the ground as etiquette prescribes whenever you are totally revolted about something.

So when you are trying to tell me about the wonderfulness of Jews, you are just totally wasting your time and irritating me by exposing your total lack of factual knowledge about these people and who they are. The word H-E-B-R-E-W-S. Is just an anagram for; Hell's Evil Bolshevik Racists Enslaving Witless Simpletons.

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