24 April 2011


What would you think if I were to question God? If, by almost 100% of Christian standards. Including the Judeo Christians everything on this planet is the doings of God. You have to admit there is some questionable stuff, a lot of it, that goes on on a daily basis.

I know, I know. He works in mysterious ways. But does he actually need to? We can't do anything about what he does. Like when your number is not up but something happens and you fall out of an airplane a mile to the ground and live. Because it wasn't your time. Or it is your time so you just stay in bed and don't even stir from your room. You stub your toe, it becomes infected, and you die.

So he made bad stuff to kill a person here or kill a person there, every now and then. He comes up with a disease to thin out the queers and Negroes and then we hop right in there and start saving them. Why does he allow us to do that? Why don't he just give us a little smite or smote and remind us to mind our own business?

Instead he just engulfs us in queers and Negroes. Even those of us who were against ever saving any of them in the first place.

I just read a story in the Bible where some kids were calling this old prophet guy baldy and he just had a bear come out and eat them..... for calling him baldy. Even if they were calling him an old f**ing dickhead, I would think that that was a little extreme.

He gives us a planet chock full of stuff for us to use and then..... "Oh let me make some of you environmentalists and tree huggers and tater eaters to keep the rest of you from really being able to enjoy what I gave you in the first place."

I personally think that God has a very dark sense of humor. Why else would he do crap like that? It must make him laugh to see us babbling about trying to be politically correct and still live a long and happy life. That is an oxy-moron if ever there was one.

He puts a brain in our little blonde heads that is capable of anything, and I do mean anything and then he covers it with some kind of frosting that makes us think that it is nicer to say "n" word instead of nigger. Or this frosting makes us think that if we inundate our lands with black and brown retards we will end up better off than if we were to remain a land of white people.

Then he takes a few million Jews and sprinkles them throughout the world among every type of human there is, wherever they are. A Jew here, two Jews there. Until there is no place on the planet that is safe from them. He even let's them infiltrate and corrupt his own church and never gives us a warning.

Then he gives a very few of us the instinct to know that if a Jew is in the area, something bad is happening, is going to happen or has already happened but we are just unaware of it yet. So we run around shouting, waving our arms and trying to warn our brethren but no one will pay attention to us because we are just haters and bigots and homophobes who are trying to cause trouble for the poor, poor, pitiful, persecuted Jews.

Then when something happens, he gave Jews the power and covered them with enough slime that they can just slide away. Mostly unnoticed. That is what happened in Eden. Eve came skipping down the road, naked, looking hot as hell, right by the tree of life and lo and behold underneath the tree, sitting on a rock, tossing an apple up into the air and catching it.... You got it. A big old hook nosed lobe less eared Jew. "Hey.... Eve...... c'mere. Check this out." And he has her bite the apple. Then, while her head is reeling, he slips the snake out of his pocket and lays it there and sneaks away into the shadows as Jews are wont to do.

So she goes stumbling back to Adam and tells him what she can remember and they go back to the tree and there lays the unsuspecting snake and the bitten apple and Adam picks it up and takes a bite and we all know what happened after that.

I'm just saying....... you don't think that God wasn't laughing before he straightened his face out and went in there raising hell? How could he not? He knows how we are, he built us for Christ's sake!

He made us, white people, in his image. To go so far as he even gave us his brain. So far he hasn't allowed us to use much of it but look at what we, white people, have accomplished with the ten percent that we are allowed to use! Yet we try to convince ourselves, in order to make other races feel better, that we aren't superior? In whose world? We are so far above the norm that you really have to be stupid to convince yourself that you are not a whit better than a pygmy in central Africa.

Even if we all crawled out of the primordial slime as some of you like to believe.... we are still at least a chest and head above any other race on this planet! And if we did crawl out of the slime, we all started at the same spot so for some reason, we immediately went racing on ahead of everyone else.

You can say or think whatever you want to about me for pointing this out but you can't deny it's truthfulness. Unless you are totally blind..... and stupid.

In case you have never paid attention to the subtitle of this blog, it is: Observations about the stupidity that I notice.

And this is a big one.