03 April 2011


You know that Negroes, or their current owners, the Jews, cannot or at least should not be able to even look at themselves in the mirror without falling into a deep depression of self-loathing and self-hatred. Because every failure, every shortcoming, every piece of stupidity or violence that comes from them they just blame the white man for it and go on their way.

According to the Jews, and through them the Negroes, neither race, tribe religion or whatever they want to be recognized as today, are to blame for anything. They are perfect. Or at least they were until we came along and stole all of their ideas and technology and started making them do horrible things to us just as the poor, pitiful Jews were fleeing out of our way so that we would not annihilate them.

They both agree that the only way to rescue planet earth is to eliminate the white male and his unrelenting evil and destruction of all of the wonderful and beautiful accomplishments of the Jews and Negroes. They don't mind keeping the white women to use as slaves, organ donors and cum dumpsters, but the white male has got to go. And the sooner the better! In fact, it would be wonderful if we were already gone, for crying out loud.

The Jews have always written or rewritten their history as needed so that they have always been pitifully abused and persecuted since the beginning of time. They have been doing the same for their Negroes for the last hundred and fifty years or so and since they became the masters of the Mexicans, they are now doing the same thing for them, bless their hearts.

But don't feel neglected or left out because they have always rewritten our own history to suit their needs also. They are an equal opportunity history rewriter. No matter how it actually happened, when you read it years later, they were always unnecessarily persecuted and tortured, the Negroes were always enslaved and tortured and, of course, lately. The Mexicans have been robbed, abused and tortured.

This is all being accomplished by white males. Always has been, always will be. Until we are gone. Kaput. Vanished. Bred into oblivion forever. Then, finally. The world will be able to move on. It will all be lovey dovey. No wars. No abuse.

Everything will move along like a Swiss watch. With of course, the Jews at the helm. Because God CHOSE them. That is why they are so God like and kindly. It didn't take that much of a rewrite of the Bible to prove this. Any Judeo Christian with any biblical training can vouch for this.

Just in my lifetime, the news and history that has been twisted and rewritten by Jewish fingers is astounding. So I can only imagine how much has had a total rewrite in the last two thousand plus years.

For instance they turned the World War II into the Holohoax. That was a biggie that got them Israel at the cost of the Palestinian people. And has also got them untold wealth from every nation involved in WWII which is still being paid to them to this day. Whenever the flow of gold ebbs a little, they just make a brand new Holohoax movie with a lot of fabricated teary stuff in it.

Every old Jew you see is a Holohoax survivor. And they didn't survive one death camp, but usually two or three of the very worst death camps and they were crippled and sickly at the time. Who in the hell were the Nazis torturing and killing by the millions in all of these places? If not the sick and crippled. Jesus tits! I always heard that they were using the healthy ones for slave labor! Make up your mind, for Christ's sake. You just can't have it both ways!

They turned Martin Luther King from a whore mongering, woman beating communist into a god-like saint who's kindly deeds are still being made up to this day.

Then they turned poor old Joe McCarthy from a white Christian senator into Satan himself!

Then, of course, as I mentioned just last week. They turned a retarded Negro into an American president. These Jewish people are just....... magical.

Next to the Holohoax though, their biggest accomplishment is how they have taken all of white history and turned the white warriors into blood thirsty Negro rapers. Even though to this day, you can't even force a white man to rape a Negro woman, even if she wants him to. All of the white artists and inventors into purgerors and idea thieves who went to Africa and stole all of the white technology from there. Don't look at me funny. People evidently actually believe this shit.

So that by now, there is really no reason to keep the white race around because we will just keep on taking credit for things that we don't do, raping Negro women, stealing Negro technology, baking Jews in ovens so millions of them end up surviving.

The only good thing that we do is send our children to the Middle East to kill Arabs for Israel. If it wasn't for that, we would be totally worthless.

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