17 April 2011


I think that we are all in agreement that white people are evil racists. Time, Newsweek, and many other magazines have ran stories about us and proven that even when we are born we are racists. We live our lives as racists and when we die, we will still be evil, racist, bigot homophobe, anti-Semites.

At least, I am proud to say, that will be true in my case. And, on top of that, I will still be white! My lineage back to forever is white. My lineage ends with me so it will end being one hundred percent white. No brown, no black, no yellow, and no red. Just a nice, racist, white. And if you haven't noticed by now, I am proud as hell of that fact.

Now I told you that story so that we could get into this evil racist thing a little deeper. Because I believe that over fifty percent of the WHITE people out there, worldwide, are exactly like me. They are just afraid to admit it. They might hurt someone's feelings. Some of their bi-sexual sodomite friends might not like them anymore.

I hear a lot of excuses.... "Ohhhh, the government might get me." That's one of the biggies. "Ooohhh, a herd of darkies might throw me a beating." This is one that is often true and you just have to do what I call a workaround. Avoid herds of darkies. There is never any reason to associate with them. For any reason. They are just a notch above the chimpanzee on the food chain and you are a human. Unless you happen to be an Italian organ grinder, there is absolutely no reason to be around more than one or two darkies at a time. Ever.

If you are a bleeding heart and feel sorry for them, just throw a banana or two out your car window at them as you drive by on your way to someplace important. You can watch in your rear view mirror and tell by the way that they are jumping around back there that they really appreciate it.

I know you think that they look cute in their GIANT silk shorts, running around bouncing their little rubber ball and jumping up and down. But in groups, they are naturally dangerous and to be avoided at all costs. If you fail to pay attention to this one little factoid, you are going to end up in an alley, raped, robbed, possibly dead and it is hard to come back from some of these conditions.
If you insist on having an exotic, dangerous pet. Get yourself a couple of Arkansas razorback boar hogs out of the Ozark National Forest. They are smarter, safer, cleaner and smell twice as good. And with those big, curly tusks in the sides of their mouths, they are a hell of a lot nicer to look at and with a little patience you can teach some of them to speak English and not go to the bathroom on the floor!

Unlike the darkie who has a huge round thing for a tongue and that greasy, curly wool that snags on everything and produces some kind of stinky skunk oil and the smell gets into everything in the area where it is kept. There is just no comparison as to which one makes a better, cleaner pet.

I personally, am not a big fan of the darkie. I have no problem with them in Africa. Or even America as long as they are kept quieted down. But I don't like to have to look at them. Or smell them. Or deal with them in any way. So if they would do like the Chinamen do and just live in one area and put up signs that say, "Entering Nigger Town" then we could all just avoid them and let them live out their lives in violence and squalor as they are wont to do.

I can't see where this should present any kind of a problem. People who insist on associating with them could just drive down to Nigger Town and visit and then go back home. If they are still alive. And if they are no longer alive, it deserves them right for hanging around Nigger Town.

If a darkie wanted to go uptown to buy himself some new U.S. Keds, he could do that, alone. By himself. That way he wouldn't be causing any trouble and the smell of one darkie evaporates fairly quickly into the atmosphere. I don't know how good that is for the ozone layer though, but I don't think that anyone has ever did a study on that.

I know that the government likes to not allow events and sayings that hurt an individual's feelings or sensibilities. So they might want to make a note that when I (an individual) see a darkie, even on my TV. It makes me feel bad and I get depressed. Whenever I smell one it is almost like the peanut butter dust that they outlawed on airplanes in case someone was allergic to it. So you (the government) might want to consider just outlawing darkies, just like you did three wheelers, or Joe the Camel or saying nigger. Because, after all, I AM a complaining individual.

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