27 March 2011


Well, here we are. Well into our third year with a Negro president. And not just any Negro president but a retarded Negro president. A Negro who, without a teleprompter telling him what to say, doesn't know shit from Shinola. A Negro who has the IQ of a garden slug. Who, without his Jew masters keeping him on track would wander off never to be seen again.

This Negro is the model for every "little moron" joke that has ever been told. I mean, he is dumb, even by Negro standards. He doesn't even know where he was born for Christ's sake! He is ashamed of the white mother who made sure he was kept alive. Of course even I don't blame him for that. If my mother was a coal-burner, I would be terribly ashamed of her too.

But he is proud as punch of his Kenyon father who, in typical Negro fashion just ran around the jungle eating bugs and impregnating every female that he could catch. Whether they wanted it or not and even if they might be Negroes or even monkeys instead of white women.

The acorn sure doesn't fall far from the tree, does it? Meanwhile, at an early age the Jews noticed that young Obama looked almost like a human and they had an instinct that if they cleaned him up and let him sit in a Harvard desk for a couple of years they might be able to use him for something. I'm sure even they didn't realized that they could run him for president when they first started training him.
It's hard to say when they realized that they had dumbed down the American public until they could convince most of them to vote for a retarded Negro. Especially if the other candidate was a Mexican lover that used to be known as "Songbird" by the former commanders of the Hanoi Hilton.

The Jew manipulators even stunned themselves when they realized what they just might be able to accomplish with this half Negro retard. But when Jews see an opportunity of this magnitude, they came together with a bang. Their ten thousand newspapers world wide started cranking out wonderful "Obama" stories for everyone to read and their hundred thousand TV stations made clips and documentaries on the wonderment of Obama. They gave him a halo and a pedestal to stand on.

Jew gold came pouring in in the form of stolen American taxpayer dollars to finance this huge undertaking. Because in the beginning it was huge. Even for the Jews with all of their manipulative power and stolen gold. But they knew that it would be worth trillions to their world banks and Israel would be the beneficiary of every kind of military assault that young American blood could supply in the Middle East if they could only accomplish this.

So it was worth a shot and they set about turning a retarded Negro into an American president. They never let the American people see, read or hear anything that didn't mention how blessed they would be with their first Negro president. Then they had to find a traitor so horrible that even die hard American voters would stay home rather than go vote for him. And they did this by putting old John McCain out there. Because he had just spent several years trying to give the United States to Old Mexico so he was hated by every red blooded American that was left in the country.

So there they had it. The perfect storm. All they had to do was keep manipulating the news and twisting our history until election day and wah-laah! A Negro retard and his chimpanzee wife were the president and first mammy. Oh... what a wonderful day for the Jews and Israel! More American lives and money than they ever dared to hope for. All at their fingertips. Theirs for the taking. At their beck and call.

How could this happen, in a white Christian nation? You ask. Where white men, women and children came and gave their lives, their blood and their posterity over to an untamed wilderness and took it and made it their own. With their sweat, blood and tears, they carved a wonderful civilization from trees and rocks with nothing but their God, their hands and their ingenuity to save them from the elements and the native population.

Then, after they had conquered the danger and built fortresses against the elements here come the banksters, the crooks, the elitists, the shysters, the scum bags, in other words the Jews to take it over and give it to Mexicans and Negroes. What in the hell are we thinking? That the less of us there are the better it is going to be for us? Even you can't be dumb enough to actually believe that!

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