20 March 2011


Our military has always been the envy of the world and still is. But should it be? I mean we use women for combat. So how did they get through the ground pounder school? We know that this is another thing that no matter how much you wish it, women cannot shoulder a sixty pound ruck and force march for ten miles.

One big bull dyke might do it every now and then but how broken down would she be for the next day's run? I'm not saying that they can't develop the attitude for it. I'm saying that they cannot develop the strength to do it. Day in and night out. So how do they qualify for just the infantry? Let alone the Rangers, SF, or the SEALS or Forced Recon in the Marines.

Now queers are also allowed to infiltrate these units? So how good are these units today compared to the sixties and seventies? Even with the modern technology used today my money goes on the old units. They had to be more efficient, stronger, quicker, more trusting, and honest than these same units today can possibly be.

Back in the day, a Special Forces unit was made up of twelve men who went through pure hell for a couple of years to get there. In the case of Rangers it was sixteen men. I don't know how many are on a SEAL team or a Recon unit but you can believe that they were men that were carrying no one else as they barely made it through the training carrying just themselves.

I realize it also took teamwork but you had to have the gravel yourself before you ever needed to worry about teamwork. You very rarely ever seen any third worlders or Negroes in these units and I'm not being racist here, that is just a fact. They are normally too lazy or too dumb to qualify if they ever even try.

So now if these SF units are being filled with Negroes, Mexicans, queers and women, how are these people qualifying? I know that the Mexicans and Negroes are strong enough but too lazy or dumb. While the women and queers would be smart enough but too light and weak. Of course some of the queers would be able to qualify legally but who in the hell would want one in his unit? I don't give a shit how reputable he claimed to be.

I'm sorry but the backbone of any country's military is the infantry and it's special units and I don't believe that they can be compromised with social experiments and still be the bone-crushing unit that they once were. This is a part of the military where you have to place your body and soul in someone else's care and you have to hope that they will care for it as good as you would. But if my soul to guard with my life happened to be a queer..... not so much. If it's him or me, he is going to die. If he needs to be dragged somewhere...... he is going to die. Because I don't care how many touchy feelie classes you put me through. You will not change my mind about a peter puffing fudge packer. Sorry. Or not.

How about if you have a hundred pound woman in your unit? Of course you would guard her life as if it were your own. Probably more so. But what if you went down? What if you needed to be carried or drug for say... just a half a click? You weigh a hundred and sixty pounds. You have a forty pound ruck and your weapon that should not be left behind. Her only option is to leave your ass or stay there and die with you. Which no doubt she has the heart to do. But that would not be a problem if it were two men of about the same size and training.

So your solution would be to eliminate the racist homophobe rednecks out of these units. Then you have empty units. Because you have de-nutted the rest of the male population and they are now college professors, trans gendered politicians, and Nancy-boy office workers and general lap dogs for the rest of society. You have feminized them so much that they are now more female than most women are. So you are what we in the Old School say, "Shit out of luck."

So I think that our once great military is now like a piece of tensile steel, but with pockets of slag in it, The more social engineering, the more numerous the pockets of slag. You cannot win a war without the "Ground Pounders" they are the heart and spine of the military, any military. Not that we have tried to actually win a war since WWII. We are just sending our bravest and best to die for the Jews in a never ending stream to thin and weaken the white herd until it becomes manageable. Or totally obsolete. Whichever happens first. No one cares. Not even us, apparently.

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