13 March 2011


White people adopt black kids. Queers adopt white kids. Do black people ever adopt white kids? Do black people ever adopt black kids? Are black people even allowed to adopt kids? What color are the kids that Mexican people adopt? If they adopt kids. How about Orientals? I know. They are supposed to be called Asians but they have been known as Orientals a hell of a lot longer than they have been known as Asians.

I was recently advised that if you go in to adopt a child and specify the ethnicity that you prefer, you will not be adopting any child because you are a racist!

So if you are a red headed, white Irish couple and go in to adopt a child and they bring out this BLACK Ubangi, Ibangi, everybody bangi bangi. You have to take it.

Now if it were me doing the adopting, I would tell them to just stuff that kid back where it came from. Flies and all. But that's just me. I'm funny that way. There is no way that I would spend my life dragging this seventy IQ animal around that can only speak by clicking it's tongue against the roof of it's mouth. Can you imagine changing it's little diaper after it ate the neighbor's cat?

Call me crazy but I just do not want to spend any time raising someone's future murderer. Possibly even my own. Give that thing a machete and a loin cloth and set it free back into the jungle where it came from. Or if it didn't come from there, that is a really good place to release it anyway. Lions need food too.

Or better yet, let the sodomites adopt this one. That would deserve them right. Give that little white kid a chance to grow up and be a regular human. Because I don't care how long the Ubangi lives, It will never be a regular human. I know. It's blood might be red. But that is where the resemblance ends. A worm's blood is red, also.

As usual, I'm not being a hater here. I am just giving you the facts and it's not my fault if you are stupid and don't like them. No matter how much you try to deny them, they are still the facts. Your ideologies can never change that. No matter how much you wish it so.

Some of you younger folks might not know this but when Br'er Rabbit messed with that tar baby it got him screwed up like a soup sandwich. So don't think that you can do any better than he did if you try and hug a tar baby or take it for your own to raise.

It doesn't come with those little yellow stickers stuck all over it saying things like; "Don't come in contact with velcro." "Do not wash in clorox." "Do not expose to high winds or the flapping of it's lips will cause injury or possibly death." "Do not expose to intelligence." "May appear to be extremely retarded." "Do not split it's tongue and try teaching it to talk." "May consume lead paint chips." "Do not crop it's nose or ears." "Caution. If it gets bigger than you, it may cause death." "Do not put it in a gunny sack with a rock and throw it in the river or it may be damaged."

I could go on and on, but you get the idea. If you and your wife are white and you are dragging around one of these little black animals, it just makes people think that your wife is a coal burner when you aren't around. There is nothing chic about it and it sure as hell doesn't look cool.

As bad as I dislike Jews and no matter how much they disgust me at just the sight of them. At least they only adopt Jew kids. They would never adopt a non-Jew unless they were going to drink his blood or they needed him for a burnt offering. At least that would be a viable reason, no matter revolting it is.

I don't think Negroes and Mexicans adopt kids. The ones they make have to be paid for by white tax payers so I don't think that these two breeds of people have ever even considered adoption as something that they would be interested in.

Since queers hardly ever adopt outside of their own gender; women adopting girls and men adopting boys. They are probably just getting someone to train to be a queer just like them when they grow up. And if they do happen to go out of their gender, they just want a little slave to humiliate and torture so that they can feel better about themselves for being perverts.

The Jew-trained people at the head of these agencies, such as adoption and social services apparently know nothing about what children actually need or should have. As long as they can force their love of diversity down someone else's throat... even the throat of a small child or baby. That is what makes them feel good about themselves. Who in the hell would even care about the child's well-being and happiness? Actually, it's the child's fault for not getting his brain sucked out in a late-term abortion. It deserves him right to have to be raised by darkies, or worse yet even queers. That way he will probably shoot his own brain out when he gets old enough to have a gun. Problem solved!

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