27 February 2011


I have a question. Why do Mexicans, Somalians, East Indians, Arabs, Africans and the rest of the darker races of the world figure we are responsible for their comfort and well being? I don't remember ever signing a paper that said if you are black or brown I will support and defend you.

In fact, I don't even like you. I do not care if you go extinct and I know that you feel the same way about me and I don't blame you for it. But I am not going to your country saying, "Hey! You owe Me! You need to give me free stuff!" All I ask of you is the same courtesy. Get home. Develop your own country. Make me envious.

Why wait in the shadows until all of the dangers and discomforts are conquered and then here you come saying. "Oh. The only reason we didn't do this is you wouldn't let us. You stole our technology and did this so it is really ours."

You and your Jewish mentors have convinced a giant number of my family that this is true. I don't know how myself and a few others have managed to escape your brainwashing.

We could trade you North America and Europe for Africa and India and in thirty years you would be sniveling to trade back. You might love what we build but you are too stupid to maintain it without our help. You know it, and I know it.

Because were it up to me, I would trade you in a second. We could wave to each other as our ships met on the open sea... oh, I'm sorry. You don't have any ships, do you? Why is that? Do you suppose you are too dumb to build and sail them? Or are you just too lazy to worry about traveling across the oceans? Just as you have been since the day that you came into being.

I'll tell you what. We will even furnish your ships and let you keep ALL of our Jews, politicians, environmentalists, and as many liberals as you can stand.

All we'll take is ourselves and a few tools and weapons to get us up and running and if you keep all of the sturgeon weights listed above, it shouldn't be five years before we are right back to being number one again without all of the baggage that we have to lug around now.

Those sacred cows in India would sure be amazed as they were turned into steaks and hamburgers. We would have the oil, the diamonds, the gold, the hardwood, the rain forests. I couldn't even guess how many hydro electric dams that you could put on the Congo and Nile rivers, but I bet it would be a shit load of them. We would have the sun, the warmth and with no environmentalists we would have DDT to get rid of all of those nasty damn bugs that you have over there.

I bet you wouldn't see one person squatting on his haunches covered with flies or taking a shower in cow urine.

In that same five years, over here and in Europe, you would be neck deep in sacred cows. You would be looking in garbage piles and empty buildings for something to eat. The winters would be depleting your population by leaps and bounds. You would be trying to sneak into our new countries and making us feel sorry for you once again. But if you remember right, you kept all of those lame assholes when we did our trade so it won't be happening again. At least not in the near future.

There you would be once again. Sitting on your haunches covered with flies in the summer and laying frozen in the snow in the winter. Hoping someone would come and give you a blankie. But they wouldn't. Because those nice people that you hated so much would be gone. You would have to get up and find your own blankie, or lie there, and die in the snow. It would be up to you. It would by YOUR choice.

Oh, it would be wonderful. At least for me. I would go around singing, "Zippity do da." All the day long because I would no longer have to be a racist, or an anti-Semite, or a bigot. I would just be a regular person. Just like everyone else in my country. White. Christian. European. Angelican. Wonderful. Smart. Industrious. Happy. Safe.

I think that I have finally turned out a blog that should not offend anyone since I gave ourselves the short end of the stick in this fantasy scenario. So everyone can enjoy this. You can read it to your children. Like a Grimm's Fairy Tale. You can even change the beginning to "Once upon a time." When you are feeling blue and down trodden, you can keep a copy of this by your chair and pick it up and read it again and again and soon you will be smiling once more.

It will probably become a classic. Maybe it will even be engraved on a monument somewhere. Possibly the Statue of Liberty would be a good place to put it.

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