13 February 2011


Let me explain something that I guess most of you don't, can't or won't understand. There is no strength in diversity. There is no honor in race mixing. You do not have to like a queer to be an acceptable person. You do not need a darkie, beaner or faggot for a friend. In fact haven't you ever heard the saying, "You can tell who he is by the company he keeps."?

It is also okay to sneer at a Jew and call him a conniving liar and if you are smart, probably you should never have a Jew for a friend. If you do, you will probably find yourself laying next to an abandoned road with your wheelchair and wooden leg stolen, your electronic voice box gone and your wallet empty. Because your friend, "the Jew" took them to get more money in his bag of Jew gold. Because that is HIS only friend.

Diversity is the same thing as sailing through the Straits of Magellan with an Albatross around your neck. Or walking under a ladder with a black cat under each arm. Or being accused of being a Jonah aboard a becalmed ship in the middle of the Sargasso Sea. It is the same as nailing each one of your toes to an oak plank with ten penny nails and trying to hop across the interstate without being run over.

Diversity is the exact same thing as eating a hemorrhoid scab sandwich. Or sticking maggots down into your tear ducts. Or being catheterized by an epileptic. Or slapping a baboon on his big red ass with an aluminum baseball bat.

So when you hear anyone saying how wonderful diversity is for you, just remember one of these comparisons and you will be a thousand times ahead of the person preaching diversity to you.

Another thing you can't seem to get a grip on is the Federal Reserve which is owned by Jew bankers.

Now if you are a regular reader of my blogs and still have even an inkling that Jews are reputable creatures listen to this.

Back in 1913 the banker Jews went to our supposed congress and told them that if our supposed congress would give them control of our monetary system they would make sure that our supposed congress was well provided for into the foreseeable future. Well we all know how much our politicians want to do what is right instead of what just enriches them... NOT! So they gave our paper, ink, engraving plates and a few large buildings to the Jew bankers and said "Here you go and thank you for lining our pockets!"

I am going to keep the amounts small here so that you low IQers can better understand this concept.

The Jew bankers took our ink, paper, and plates and printed $100 and loaned it to our government at 10% interest. So our government had $100 but they owed $110, so they did not have enough to pay back the Jew bankers unless they borrowed more money! So they borrowed $200 of which they got $190 and paid off the interest on the first loan but now they owed $20 interest. And so it goes.

Good old Roosevelt finally had to call in all of the gold and give it to the Jew bankers to pay the interest. So ended the gold certificates. Then. In 1965 the Jew bankers quit coining silver money because they had finally sucked up all of the silver in interest. So went the silver certificates.

Since then, the paper and ink, our paper and ink that were given to the Jew bankers way back in 1913, have just been turning out IOUs that are worth 0. That's it! Zero!

Zero times whatever is still zero. That is what you and everything you think you have is worth.... zero. Thank your government. Thank your congressman or woman. You have zero and according to what they think of you, you are a zero. Inconsequential. Worthless. Useless. A sturgeon weight. A menstrual scab.

If you are not black, brown or have a big hook nose you are dispensable. In fact, it is desirable if you no longer exist to complain about everything your race has accomplished being given away to people who are incapable of maintaining it. To people who don't deserve or appreciate it. To people who blame you for every misfortune they have because they are just lesser humans than you are.
This is my world. My opinion. If you don't like it go tell one of your off-breed friends. Don't whine to me because you are stupid. Like Ron White says, "You can't fix stupid."

Am I a racist? Absolutely! Am I an anti-Semite? A resounding YES! Am I a homophobe? Without question! Am I a Xenophobe? Without a doubt! Am I a bigot? What do you think?

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