06 February 2011


I might not consider that to be a truthful statement. I mean, it is fairly excellent not having to get up and go to work every day. And not having to get up in the middle of the night to drive a snowplow thirty hours in a blizzard so people who don't even appreciate it are able to drive around. Or pulling a set of double belly dumps full of salt sand up and down a slick assed I-80 for sixteen hours a day to stockpile the crap for state workers who just bitch and moan that you didn't do it quite properly instead of being glad that you had to do it instead of them. Or rebuilding a D8 dozer out in the oil field when the warmest part of the day was still minus thirty-two degrees.

That was my life. But that wasn't even the worst part. The worst part was giving the government damn near fifty percent of my gross every week for fifty F-in' years! Of course that fifty percent included social security, sales tax, property tax, excise tax, fuel tax and various other tariffs attached to monthly bills that I didn't even know about.

You are getting this blog because the other day a senator stated that the old people in this country are the "greediest bastards that God ever wobbled guts in". This came from the former life long senator from Wyoming, Alan Simpson. A supposed conservative who has lived off of the public dole his entire life and now draws a quarter of a million a year for being a retired congressman. This asshole has the nerve to call me and you other poor old bastards out there "greedy".

Here is one of the Jew lovers who has been giving our country's gross national product and industry away for sixty years while he was living the high life and chumming around with the likes of Tip O'Neill, Ted Kennedy and Barbara Boxer. Sitting around over drinks trying to figure out how to get more money out of the American taxpayer for themselves and their cronies.

And not only has this parasite lived his entire adult life on your tax dollars, he was also raised with them as his father was another Jew lover and supposed conservative, his name was Milward Simpson. Who also spent his entire life sucking up the profits of this country while frolicking around Washington D.C. And figuring ways to get us into wars for the Jews and leech more dollars from our weekly paychecks.

Now his son, Colin Simpson is following in the family business and is in the state political system at this time and I am sure he is voting to shut down state lands to state residents while inviting out of state hunting guides and hunters to come in and suck up the state blood so he will know how to get into the national blood bank and give it to the Jews and Israel when he finally makes it to Washington D.C.

But yet me and the other old people, drawing our little pittance back from all of the money we paid in for fifty or sixty years are the "greediest bastards that God ever wobbled guts in".

Now that I got that off of my chest, let me tell you a little more about "the golden years".

The hide that holds your bones together becomes extremely thin and tender. If you walk by a paper towel and rub against it, it will rip a hole right through your skin and you will bleed profusely for about a half of an hour.

When you close your hand to make a fist, instead of your fingers gliding smoothly shut, they close about half way and when the tendons finally apply enough pressure on them they just snap shut.

And what are these flappy things that grow at the bottom of your upper arms? If you hold your hand up with the elbow bent at ninety degrees, this thing is hanging down and if you move your arm back and forth rapidly it just hangs there and swings back and forth with no useful purpose that I can figure out.

Black spots develop in your eyes and just float around in there causing distractions as they float by your field of vision. They also have no apparent purpose.

Another wonderful and irritating thing is your ears start ringing. Not just after you have come out of a battle where guns were being fired all around and caused your ears to ring. But that same ringing twenty-four seven no matter where you are or what you are doing your ears are just ringing merrily away so you can't hear lazy assed politicians calling you the "greediest bastards that God ever wobbled guts in".

When you get up in the morning, your feet look just like regular feet. But after you have been up walking around a few hours they turn into these swollen, lumpy things with little vienna sausage toes sticking out of the ends of them.

There is a lot more, like injuries only heal up after you have suffered with them for months, or they just don't heal up at all. If you wake up with a stiff neck or bad shoulder from sleeping on it wrong... too bad for you because that thing is going to be with you at least three or four weeks.

There, you have it. From one of the "greediest bastards that God ever wobbled guts in". If you don't believe me.... just wait a few years and I'm sure you will figure it out for yourself.

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