20 February 2011


This month is black history month. We are not allowed to forget it. How much history do black people have? In their own homeland they have never even had the ingenuity to pile two rocks on top of each other. In a million years they learned to build a house from looking at a bird's nest.

George Lincoln Rockwell said the best thing about Negroes that I have ever heard. He said, " The only thing that Negroes have ever produced is more Negroes." Did you get that? "The ONLY thing that Negroes have ever produced is MORE Negroes!" This is an absolutely true statement about Negroes.

So how can a race of people who have never even accomplished taking two sticks and making a bow and arrow talk about their history for even a whole hour? Let alone a whole month.

They never even realized that they were alive until they became involved with white people. They did not care that they were slaves. Their bellies were full, they could sing and chant all they wanted, and they could have sex any time the urge struck them. Just like Borneo monkeys.

As soon as they were freed, they just started laying around hoping someone would take care of them. They did not try one thing to fend for themselves. They just sat there.... on their haunches...... waiting...... for a handout, something to steal, something to rape. They never even tried to find a job.

They never even went very far from the plantations where they were slaves. In fact, a lot of them went back to their former plantations and tried to move back into their old slave quarters and take up where they had left off.

Initiative is not a natural trait for the Negro. He, it, is an opportunist. It will sit on it's haunches and wait for a pity party until it falls over dead from starvation. That is the natural trait of the average Negro. He's not going around making big plans for his future. Nor is he sitting around contemplating his past. That is not in his nature. He is a NOW guy.

That's why they don't worry about raping and murdering for what appears to be no reason at all. He just can't comprehend that tomorrow is coming and what he did today is going to have to be paid for. Probably with his life. Even that doesn't bother him because once in jail he no longer remembers his former life. Now his life is jail. And as far as he can comprehend, jail has been his life since he was born.

If he gets out, well once again he can rob, rape and murder. Because that is his life once again, so that is what he will do with no memory of going to jail. You know this is true because once they are in prison, they just start raping men. It does not matter to them. They are not necessarily queers, that is just the new breeding stock once they are locked up.

That is why they made such excellent slaves. As soon as they became accustomed to it that is all they knew or cared about. They didn't mourn their loss of freedom because the past has never concerned them, and neither does the future. That's why they sang songs and rarely tried to escape. The life they have is the one they live. Just like a dog or a cat, or any other animal of the forest. As long as they can eat, sleep and breed, they are happy.

The reason they have gotten so mean since the 1950s and 60s is because the Jews in schools, in the movies, and in the media have been convincing them that they are just as good and can keep up with white people. So they tried. The white people were dumbed down but still the Negro could never accomplish what the white man could do while taking a nap. This agitated the Negro and he got meaner. But there is the Jew boy poking him with a stick telling him that he can't keep up because the white man must be cheating.

So he tries harder, whitey is dumbed down some more. But it doesn't help, the poor Negro is working his guts out trying to do anything intelligent but his little black brain is not wired for cognitive thinking. It is wired to catch a rabbit, to rape a monkey, to bug his eyes out and look scary and to curl up in the corner and take a little nap. That is his forte, his only forte, eat, sleep and screw. That's it. That's black history. That's all of the history that the black man has.

So the next time someone tells you about the amazing accomplishments of the black race, you might want to remember and tell them this, "The Only thing that Negroes have ever produced is more Negroes."

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