02 January 2011


I have nothing for you...... at least nothing that you care about. Depending on the age of your children, or grandchildren...... if you were not a race mixer so your children... or grandchildren are white...... they are less than 45% of the population of the United States of America. While Mexicans, Negroes, East Indians and various other third world rabble make up 65% or more of white Christian America's population. Look what you have accomplished for your children..... or grandchildren. Be proud that when they grow up they can be like the Boar farmers of South Africa and that they will be able to be tortured, raped, and slaughtered daily in their homes for simply existing in a country their ancestors tore out of the wilderness especially for them. Your children.... or grandchildren can die under Sharia law or no law.... but they will be dying.... horrible deaths. Because you embraced diversity and then slipped quietly and peacefully into your painless death.

Now they are paying your dues. I hope that you are proud of what you have accomplished for posterity in your lifetime. Or was it just all about you? And just cramming as much enjoyment and greed between those dates on your gravestone as you could? So now the people that you are responsible for bringing into this very diversified life can pay your fiddler. By letting brown and black creatures from all over the world slowly torture and grind your children.... and grandchildren..... out of existence. The plight that you created by importing the third world into your children's.... and grandchildren's country the plight that should have been your reward is being bought with their pain, screams and blood. I hope it makes you proud as you lay there rotting in your cold, lonesome grave.

Isn't it wonderful that you attended your Judeo Christian church and even donated money to help bring poor, poor starving Somalis to Minnesota... by the thousands. And you gave your Judeo Christian pastor tithes to bring those poor, poor staving Hatians into Florida by the tens of thousands. Aren't you proud that when your school board elected to bus your children forty miles so they could get a little diversity in a black ghetto school, you voted Aye! Aye! Then nine months later your daughter had little brown twins from being gang raped in the gym of the nice, new, school and your Judeo Christian religion prevented her from aborting these abominations?

Aren't you proud of the fact that you voted for the politicians who encouraged illegal immigration so they could have more votes or get cheaper labor? Hell, you even hired illegals to mow your lawn and clean your house. It was soooo wonderful.... for you anyway. Now your great grandbaby is hanging upside down from some brown fingers with it's throat cut and the blood spurting out onto your grass covered grave. I hope that your rotting corpse is swelling with pride from the accomplishments of your life upon this planet and all of those starving third worlders that you and your Judeo Christian religion helped bring here is worth that white baby's spurting blood and last gurgling breath as it blindly jerks around in those blood covered brown fingers above your grave.

But, maybe, even though you are now only a rotting corpse in am unmarked grave because your tombstone was hauled away to be used to weigh a dead body down in a nearby pond, maybe you still think; "well we are white people, we owned slaves, we deserve everything we get from these poor, poor brown and black people."

Because I realize that some of you must really be dim to be able to make yourself believe that by bringing a poor, starving African or an undereducated Mexican, or a cow worshipping East Indian, or a head removing Arab to live among your children.... and grandchildren..... is a wonderful thing. It is a wonderful thing for the starving African, it is also wonderful for the undereducated Mexican, And it is an excellent opportunity for the cow worshipping East Indian and it couldn't get any better for the head removing Arab. But how did that possibly help your children? And grandchildren? Having to feed, clothe, educate, and bend to their religion.

Oh. I guess that is why the baby, who is your direct ancestor is bleeding out and struggling in it's death throes in the brown gripping fingers above your grave. That is the reward for all of your good heartedness, generosity and good intentions.

Do you think that you possibly only delayed what is going to eventually happen to these third worlders? That maybe there is a reason that money and kindness won't repair what makes them third worlders? No matter where they live or how much they are given. You only managed to destroy the only race who thought that third world problems could be fixed by white skinned people giving love, kindness and education to races of people whose major accomplishment in evolution is being able to look pitiful and eating rotten food without dying.

You worried about just being comfortable and safe between the dates that ended up being carved on your tombstone. Well, it looks like you managed it. But what about that white, bleeding, dying, gurgling, jerking baby above your grave? What about the screams coming from a young girl who is being gang raped by Somalis while the ones waiting to take their turn are cutting off her brother's eyelids for trying to protect her? What about your son and daughter-in-law who are out on the street trying to scurry back to their hovel before being attacked by a gang of Mexicans who beat, rob and then use them for target practice in the evening sunlight? It looks like you made it......... but..... what....... about them?

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