23 January 2011


We always hear people talking about the heroes they had or maybe still have in some cases. Like John Wayne was always a biggie. Not for me, but for most folks. Probably Charles Lindbergh, General Mac Arthur. But as you get past the sixties, there are no more heroes. I guess that heroes were no longer needed once God had died and good and evil had been turned around so anything that was enjoyable was no longer off limits.

For myself, I had Nathan Bedford Forrest for a hero. I read about him in grade school and it always amazed me that the man entered the army as a private and in just a couple of years he was a general! That just does not happen. Even with battlefield commissions. He also was a millionaire and spent his whole fortune supporting the war effort. Of course back then, I had no idea that he was also the founder of the Ku Klux Klan. But since I recently discovered that, it only put another plus in his column as far as I'm concerned.

This next one is going to piss you off, but I can't help that. I would have to say that Tim McVeigh is also one of my heroes. Not because of what he did, but because of his unapologetic attitude after he did it. He never did give the media or the politicians of the time the satisfaction of a tearful apology. To me, that was just outstanding.

But I didn't start this week's rant to be about heroes. Because, like I have already stated, heroes in today's modern world, are nonexistent. But we do have a total abundance of disreputable, disgusting, traitorous, perverts to choose from when we want to list the most worthless humans that we have ever heard of.

Let's start with our own politicians. They are one hundred percent useless. They are perverts, traitors, race mixers, queers, foreign apologizers, did I already say traitors? Not a one of them is worth the air that they are sucking up daily. If a comet's tail was to come along and totally evaporate them off of the planet this country would immediately be a thousand percent better off.

The movie industry. Another group that if everyone involved in it from the top layer of scum to the dregs running the cables around were to be shaken into the Pacific by a violent earthquake.... the entire planet should celebrate it's undying gratitude.

Israel and every heart beating in it. What a pestilence! If every Muslim headed to hell would put a Jew under each arm to take with him...... We could not imagine the peace and happiness that would encompass the globe once they and all the assorted Jews around the world had disappeared. Like the dinosaurs. Never to be seen or heard from again.

Of course we would still have the Negroes, Mexicans and queers. But I think that with their support groups gone that they would find their way back home or in the case of the queers, they would wipe themselves out from the horrible diseases that God has been nice enough to bless them with.

I know that some of you are going to be outraged by what I am saying here, but really, you know that I am right. Just sit back and close your eyes and imagine the world as I have just described it to you. Can you see a downside? If so, what is it? True enough, we still have all of those Chinamen over there but I think if we keep our nose out of their business, they will take care of their own problems. Just like every other country of the world would if we would just mind our own business.

The United States is just like the nosey next door neighbor, always peeking out the window and worrying about someone else's business. While in back of her, her own house is burning to the ground.

We are not a country to be proud of. Ever since 1781 we have been sticking our nose in other countries' affairs even if we weren't invited. Like we know best. Look at the shit heap we are turning this country into and then tell me that we still know what is best for everyone else. Yeah. Right. In a pig's ass we do.

Now there is no shortage of wonderful, patriotic Americans. They are just not running the show. They are busy working their guts out to support our traitorous government and the rest of the world. They don't have time to even look up let alone take part in helping to steer the ship. The pieces of crap that we have hired to steer us for the last two hundred years have just been lining their own pockets and worrying about getting reelected to continue the lifestyles that they have become accustomed to. With no apparent worries as to where they are taking the rest of us.

So if this blog has made you feel bad.... Good! It should have. Maybe you'll wake up and take a little responsibility for what you have helped accomplish in your lifetime.

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