16 January 2011


Disclaimer: This one might be a little rough, so if your skin is kind of thin or you are easily offended, you might want to just skip this one. In other words, read at your own risk!

If you tell me that you are invisible.... I am supposed not to be able to see you? In whose world? If I don't see a cigarette ad I won't know about smoking cigarettes? You make everything grey so there are no definite answers to anything? Not in my world. Everything is black and white. There is no grey whatsoever. When you operate like this everything gets real clear and there are no more obscure answers. Let's take a look.

When you say "n word" what do you think of? I think nigger. When you say 'black". I think nigger. When you say "slave'. I think nigger. When you say "break in" I think nigger. When you say 'looter" I think nigger. When you say "porch monkey" I think nigger. When you say "banana lips" I think nigger. When you say "raper" I think nigger. When you say "burr head" I think nigger. When you say "car jacker" I think nigger. when you say "mugger" I think nigger. When you say "Obama" I think nigger. See how simple that is?

Now you might think that I am being hateful here but I'm not. This stuff is just the way things are whether you will admit it to yourself or not. And what kind of person are you? That you don't even tell yourselff the truth.

Now you might say that I am a coward because I would never say these things where one of these creatures could hear and possibly get a hold of me. But if that is what you think , you are just stupid. Being a human, I was given this giant brain to protect myself with, but physically, I am built like a delicate flower. A fat one, I'll admit but I would still come apart real easily. So my big brain warns me when I get too close to anything called a "boar" or a "sow" and says these things are kind of dim but they can tear you limb from limb if you hang around so why wouldn't I just stay clear of these of these creatures in the first place?

That is a lot better than you saying queers are lovable so every one loves them... no they don't. Once again if you say, "gay" I think peter puffer. If you say "pink" I think sodomite. If you say "same sex" I think fudge packer. If you say "tutu" I think pervert. If you say "queen" I think "disgusting poo breath". If you say " don't ask, don't tell" I think dirty, horrible, useless, disgusting, piece of scum.

My creator. God, or whatever you like to think of him as.... Invisible guy in the sky.... whatever. Put this thing in my brain when he built me, and maybe he didn't give it to everyone, or maybe yours is just turned off or shorted out. I call mine a bullshit detector and it works really well because when you start up with your grayed out gobbledy gook, I can smell bullshit from a mile away and it alerts me to your misleading and traitorous antics. So when you are trying to fool me you are just wasting your breath and my time because the bullshit bells are just ringing away and whatever you are trying to feed me is just washed out into the sewer where it belongs and it doesn't even slow down for me to be able to soak any of it up.

So when you put on your little fake smile and start patting me on the back, I already know that you have an ice pick in your other hand to stick in my ear and it is just not going to happen. You might fool all of the little black and brown people and even white people who are just trying to get a free ride for licking your feet and saying, "yessuh massah" and "nosuh massah" to soothe your ego but once you get past the free lunchers, you are wasting your time trying to baffle the likes of me with bullshit.

This is fun, let's do some more. When you say "Hispanic" I think beaner. When you say "undocumented worker" I think wetback. When you say "immigrant" I think illegal felon. When you say "anchor baby" I think " frito bandit".

Now my particular favorites. Those f-ing Jews. When you say "Jew" I think kike. When you say "Israel" I think occupied Palestine. When you say "Semite" I think shitbag. When you say "God's chosen" I think Devil's spawn. When you say "Rothschild" I think dirty Jew criminal. When you say "Jewish victim" I think lying, cheating, shit stain. When you say "holocaust" I think biggest bullshit story ever foisted on the world. When you say "holocaust survivor" I think too bad. When you say "persecuted" I think lying piece of shit white slaver. When you say "misunderstood" I think menstrual scab pornographer.

I could go on and on with this one but I will leave it alone because if you haven't gotten the idea by now your bones are probably being held together with a black or brown wrapper. Once again, hatefulness was not what I was going after here. Just the truth as it is and everyone knows it. They are just too dim or scared to admit it. Even to themselves.

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