30 January 2011


I am amazed at how we have been trained to believe that the only race with no heritage, no customs worth having, no rights that we deserve and no future if we have anything to say about it and that is the white race.

We hear daily what a wonderful race the Negro race is with it's beautiful customs and rich heritage which has been lost because of the white race and it's evil influence. The same goes for the American Indian... they were so lovely and simple, living in harmony with nature..... until we came along.

Then there is India, a wonderful, peace loving people who dwell lovingly among their sacred cows and rats. Then along came England and totally ruined the rich, east Indian culture.

I can't really say anything about Mexicans because they are not a race. They are the result of Spaniards getting horny and porking the local Indians and.... out comes a Mexican! In other words, a mongrel. The result of race mixing. So by the politically correct scale of success, Mexico and most of South America are the heavenly result of diversity played out to it's end.

I always save my favorites for last. That is because there is no end to the dastardly deeds that these parasites have caused to happen throughout time with their gold and camaraderie between themselves. They claim to be a race, they claim to be a religion, they claim to be constantly persecuted, they claim to be chosen by God... even after murdering his only son. They claim six million of them were baked in Gentile ovens, they claim to be misunderstood.

But what they actually are is the epitome of evil and no amount of whitewashing can ever remove the blood stains on their hands and souls... if they actually had any souls. They are connivers, con artists, liars, cheats, swindlers, molesters, rapists, slavers, murderers, leeches, ticks, fleas, chiggers, and probably a few more parasites that I have failed to mention here due to lack of room. But you get the idea, they are a totally useless but deadly vermin that dwell among their host countries just creeping like some kind of slimy mold to control every aspect of the host's banking, media and political system.

Like they did in Russia, like they did in Germany and like they are doing right now in the United States. They are the cause of ninety-five percent of the wars that are raging now and have ravaged the planet in the past since the beginning of time. Including the wars of Greece, the Roman Empire, the Crimean wars. Their fingerprints are on every dead body that has ever been packed off of a battlefield. What? You don't believe me? If they weren't the direct cause, I bet if you check into who was sitting on the sidelines collecting gold from..... probably both sides for weapons and financing and promised future power you will discover that Jews had a huge part to play in the cause of the conflict. Whatever it was.

Of course, as with anything or anybody, you can find exceptions. But there you have it. Exceptions, not the rule, not the norm. The very rare occasion that you might run across an honest, capable, hard working....... even I don't believe this shit, and I am writing it!........ Jew. They are as rare as finding a rock from Mars at the South Pole. Or as rare as a chicken tooth. Or possibly a frog hair. Or even as rare as a vegetarian cannibal!

This is a little off topic but interesting. The other day, Sarah Palin, who I have no use for because she is a Jew loving "C" word, but that is another story. Anyway, about the Arizona shooting and how everyone immediately started trying to blame everyone and everything except the guy the actually did it, she said something about "blood libel". Well, the Jews immediately went off about it so that piqued my interest and I tried to find out what it meant.

It seems that no one actually knows. You can find as many definitions as you can find sources. Like when Jews drank Gentile children's blood, or something to do about when they murdered Christ. Or about the Passover thing. Depending on who you ask, you will get an entirely different answer. So if Sarah and the Jews know what it really means, they are not telling.

But the interesting thing about this is; it REALLY pissed the Jews off and I don't think that Sarah has ever apologized for it. And THAT is the amazing part of this story. A public figure aggravated the Jews, and so far hasn't apologized, hasn't been fired and as near as I can tell, she doesn't seem to give a shit about how mad they are at her.

Refreshing. I still have no use for her but that does show that she has a little backbone. Unless it was some kind of Jew trickery. Because as I stated earlier, she is a huge fan of Israel and the Jews. Just the same as every politician is. And like the song says, "I don't believe an f***in' thing they say. I can smell bullshit from a mile away."

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