12 December 2010


Forty years before the Northern War of Aggression even started, the northern states with their major population centers started to demand concessions from the agricultural states in the south. Since the north had the majority population, whatever complaining the south was doing was falling on deaf ears.

The south was being taxed for transporting their goods to the factories in the north and then taxed again to get the manufactured products back to the south. Is it any wonder after forty years of this escalating that they were getting a little aggravated?

When the north finally got a totally corrupt president out of Illinois elected the same as we have today. Everyone knows that there has never been an honest politician ever come out of Illinois. I don't think that there has ever been an honest politician even crossed through the state of Illinois. Actually, to get down to it, I think "honest politician" is probably an oxymoron. Well, then good old "Honest" Abe Lincoln spit all over the Constitution and attacked the south. Just the same as the crook that is in the White House today attacked Arizona.

So even though it is 150 years later, presidents from Illinois remain the same. Evil, traitorous, crooks.

But back then, even though the taxes being forced down the throats of the southern people should have been enough to make them want to get out of the empire of the north, it wasn't. But then the United States invaded Virginia, did some shady deals over in the territory of Kansas and finally even confiscated a slave that a man took into Missouri, they were still trying to compromise with the unyielding northern empire.

Confiscating that slave in Missouri would be comparable today to you taking a race horse worth upwards of $200,000.00 into California and one of those perverts out there wanted to marry it so they just took it away from you for no other reason than that in California a racehorse is considered a human. Because that is about how much a slave was worth back then to it's owner. If that did not make you mad enough to fight you must either be just a sissy or you are retarded.

So the 13 Confederate states seceded from the union which was their constitutional right because the United States was formed voluntarily by all of the individual states and each state was very careful to maintain their sovereignty before joining into the union which originally was for the benefit of everyone. Until greed and hunger for power made the north eastern states forget all about the Constitution and state's rights.

After Lincoln was elected he and his traitorous crew started preparing to invade the south and bring her to her knees. All the while assuring the southern representatives that all was well and no aggressive action was being considered against them for leaving the Union. This must have been the time when Lincoln was given the moniker of "Honest Abe". It must have been given in derision but history has turned it into a compliment. Just as history has turned everything else about the Northern War Of Aggression upside down.

We all know that the south has always been blamed for starting the war by firing the shot "heard around the world" at Fort Sumter. But did you know that the south had given the north several months to remove the garrison that the North had there? Did you also know that they had extended the deadline several times trying to give the United States and Mr. Lincoln every opportunity to do the right thing without any bloodshed? All the while Mr. Lincoln and his cronies were secretly loading ships with troops and supplies to reinforce Fort Sumter which stands at the mouth of the Charleston harbor and the day the south attacked the fort to rout the federal garrison lodged there a flotilla loaded with troupes and arms was being kept out at sea by a raging storm. Or the fort would have been reinforced instead of abandoned as the north and Mr. Lincoln had promised. That is your "Honest Abe" at his best.

The state of Maryland wanted no part in the subjugation of the south and would not allow the Union troupes to go across her boundaries to invade the south. So the federal army just occupied Maryland and put mayors, city officials and anyone else who complained about it in out of state jails and Maryland found itself under marshal law for trying to do the right thing and uphold the Constitution.

Virginia also tried to remain neutral but when northern troupes moved in anyway, the Confederacy also moved an Army into Virginia to keep Tennessee from being invaded so then Virginia realized that there would be no neutral states in this war so they joined the south.

The Confederacy was ill prepared for war because they just never believed that a union that they had joined voluntarily would ever try and force even one of them to remain that didn't want to. No matter what their reason might have been for wanting to leave. How can you force someone to stay in a club that they no longer believe in? Beat the crap out of them, that's how.

Even though the south had nothing, no foundries, no textile mills, now powder plants and no factories and very few experienced people to come up with what was needed to fight a war, they put some hurts on the invading northern army. After all, they were defending their homeland from an invading force. But in spite of all of the problems by the end of the first year they were fairly well supplied with the material of war. Even though a lot of it was captured armaments that the fleeing northern armies left behind when they scurried back north out of harm's way.

To be continued........

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