19 December 2010


We have all heard of the Andersonville prison in Georgia and how horrible it was. We have all seen the picture of the supposed Union soldier who survived there and how emaciated he was. He looked like he might have been on a diet for about fifteen years. Of course, as with all photographs whose origin is iffy, the photo was blurry and out of focus and very poor quality. Isn't it interesting that other photos of conquering generals or traitorous presidents from the same period are crystal clear but not this one. I think the Jews might have even reused this one in their holohoax literature. I mean this guy is the poster child for showing lack of nourishment. Wherever it came from.

But of course Andersonville is now a national memorial and you can go there and sob your little eyes out for the northern invaders who happened to have died there. It has been kind of made into America's Auschwitz to keep the South from becoming too uppity and trying to think that there might be real people living down there.

Don't bother to mention that Sherman's march through the south wiped out everything that might have even remotely been used to help sustain any southern people. So even though cicilian women and children were starving and being raped and murdered by Union soldiers for being collaborators.... don't even mention that. Just cry for the invaders who had no business being there in the first place!

But of course, Captain Wirz, who ran Andersonville was hung after the war ended. I wonder if any northern prison operators were hung after the war.... Hmmmmm..... You know the answer to that or I wouldn't even have brought it up.

But I did find it interesting that raping southern women and girls because they were collaborating with the enemy was both tolerated and even encouraged by the northern officers. It kind of gives you an idea of what the mindset of the north was to the south, doesn't it?

In case you care, 13,700 POWs died at Andersonville in the thirteen months that it was used.

Now, let us look at Camp Douglas on the shores of Lake Michigan in Chicago. The North's Andersonville. A place you have never even heard of. Well, strangely enough, there are very few surviving records from Camp Douglas. The man who ran it was never even tried, let alone hanged. Food and blankets were purposely withheld from prisoners and general cruelty was the order of the day. Even clothing was withheld from the prisoners to discourage escapes. Colonel Tucker who ran Camp Douglas was never even given a second look after the war was over. Truth be known, he was probably given a medal.

And while at Andersonville there is a huge graveyard with headstones to commemorate the northern invaders at a many acre historical site, at Douglas there is nothing. A single monument at a graveyard five miles south of where Camp Douglas was and where Confederate soldiers were dumped in a mass grave. There is not a trace of Camp Douglas left to honor the southern boys who gave their lives defending their homeland only to be beaten, starved and frozen in a northern prison so far from their homes and loved ones. There were at least 6.000 admitted deaths at Douglas. So we can only guess at how many actually died there. The names of less than two thousand of the men are known.

Now let us look at another unknown northern prison where southern defenders were, tortured, frozen, starved and murdered for no other reason than they thought that they had the right to defend their homes from the northern empire.

It was an old abandoned barracks which was quickly turned into a prison where only half of the prisoners could be inside of a building. Even in the winter. It was Elmira, New York. Another place that you have never even heard of. Twenty-five percent of the inmates housed there died from disease or exposure due to the sewage just being the ground inside the stockade.

At least there is a national cemetery there. But it honors both the murdered Confederate soldiers and the traitors who kept them caged there.

If you have not noticed by now, this blog has been slanted to uphold the reputations of the defenders of our freedom and states rights. That is because the northern invaders were wrong from the first time they decided that the northern states were better than the southern states, an attitude which still exists to this very day, and it first became apparent in about 1815.

*A little footnote. The 150 year anniversary is coming up in just a few years in 2015 and activities are starting to be planned to commemorate the beginning of the forced subjugation of the Confederate States of America and already the NAACP and various Negro groups are worried that it won't be about them. Which I hope that is right but I really doubt it. But I personally would like to say, "Niggers, it sure as hell wasn't about you a 150 years ago so why should you think that it should be about you now? I know that the Jew founders of the NAACP would sure like to twist it around and make it all about you but I can always hope that that just won't happen."

There, Mark, I hope that this blog didn't disappoint you. I managed to mention both of your favorites in it.

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