26 December 2010


Would you like a little break from the War for Southern Independence? Well, like it or not, you are going to get one.

As you may or may not know the subtitle to this blog is, "Things About The Stupidity That I Notice". As we all know the Mexican lottery fell through the cracks so Mexicans who are unconvicted felons are becoming threatening. B Just because they snuck into this country illegally who cares how long ago. The key words here are felons, snuck illegal. It should not even be a consideration that after their successful invasion they pooped out a few brown illegal babies and our government's law enforcement is so sorry that those brown pooped out babies have grown up and are going to college now on your dollar.

Never mind that the government who can go out of their way to murder a man's wife and baby in Idaho. Can execute a bunch of weird religious people down in Waco, Texas and even break into a private home in Florida and kidnap a little Cuban refugee at the point of an A4 light machine gun can't find a damn illegal Mexican in 30 years. Now you want to talk about stupidity.....

But these brown felons are pissed off because they aren't getting a free meal ticket, at this time, when they have no damn business being here in the first place? They want to riot? Bring it on you brown pieces of useless crap. Maybe that will finally wake up sleeping America to the wonderfulness of diversity.

I mean you have illegal alien Mexicans mad because they invaded our country and then were not rewarded? You also have damned Somalis from Liberia having tribal wars in the back of a bowling alley parking lot in Minnesota? You have dual citizenship Jews every 20 feet in every major city in America? Then you have elected politicians wanting to give these useless dirt bags free rein across this once great land?

Then on top of all of this you have queers wanting to run rampant in the Army. Why? Would you want to spend a night in a foxhole with a queer? Would you want to risk getting a hangnail saving a queer's life? Would you want to have a queer as your only hope of rescue if you were wounded and disabled? Would you want to take a public shower with these butt bandits? How about being cramped up in a tank or APC with two or three of these pole smokers for a few days or even weeks?

Does the combined IQ of the people we elected to run this country even add up to 37? Are they so busy collecting their Jew gold and having American children murdered in the Middle East for Israel that they don't even notice what they are doing to our country? I can't imagine that that is the problem. I believe that they are one and all traitors who are selling us down the river daily to enrich themselves. Is this going to be the century that they plan to see the end of the white race? Because that seems to be their endgame.

Christ. The people vote something into law and the Supreme Court just does whatever they feel is best from their perspective. I bet they no longer even realize that they are supposed to use the Constitution as a guideline. Hell I bet some of them don't even realize there is a Constitution to worry about.

As long as we are on the subject of the Constitution, how in the hell do illegal aliens have Constitutional rights? Constitutional rights are for American citizens not foreign invaders. They should be tried under a military tribunal before they are kicked out of the country or in the case of multiple offenders, executed.

While as a legal American you are required to submit to a sexual assault or have naked pictures taken of you before you can ride an airplane to Aunt Mabel's house for Christmas? What happened to your Constitutional right to privacy? When you, as a legal American citizen travel by car across the country you had better have all of your papers in order in case you should be stopped be a government official because if your identity can't be proven on the spot you can be jailed? What happened to that freedom of travel, Constitutional right?

But yet these judges have found rights in the Constitution to murder unborn babies, allow queers to be married, they even evidently found the right for a foreign born half-wit Negro to be our president.

Lennin or Trotsky, one of those communist Jew assholes said back in the 1920s that they would conquer America without firing a shot and it seems to be coming up on the endgame right about now. You have to admire their knowledge about human greed and lust for power and also their ability to keep everyone fooled for a hundred years while they were pulling it off. Because we have had people try to warn us over the years but they were just turned into fools and laughing stock or just murdered as in the case of Rockwell.

We had Henry Ford, Charles Lindbergh, LK Smith, Wally Butterfield, Joe McCarthy, George Rockwell, and lately David Duke and Don Black and Kevin McDonald plus many more but it doesn't seem that we are paying any more attention now than we ever have in the past. So I hope your children and grand children are tougher and smarter than you were or there are going to be the last of a tremendous race of people who are just about to vanish forever and the worst of it is our extinction is happening by our own hand.

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